Renuvion: Top 5 Innovation in Plastic Surgery

Available at NuBody Concepts Nashville since 2021, Renuvion is a brand-new technology that has taken the plastic surgery world by storm. Experienced plastic surgeons who have performed liposuction and tummy tucks for years are not typically inclined to replace their preferred methods perfected over many years of practice. And yet Renuvion was recently nominated by plastic surgeons and dermatologist as one of the top 5 most impactful innovations in their field. Read on to learn how the Renuvion tissue contracture technology can help you achieve incredible body contouring results with minimal downtime.

Tired of the Love Handles?

It is the rare adult who doesn’t look into the mirror and spots pockets of fat around their midsection, thighs, arms, or even the neck that simply refuse to go away, no matter how hard they try. If this is you, we hear you. It can be so frustrating to have dieted and exercised for months and still be stuck with these unsightly bulges. Or perhaps you’ve made some progress on the bulges but now your skin is sagging and showing your age. 

Renuvion is what you need. Combined with liposuction, it simultaneously removes fat and contracts the skin. But it doesn’t require excisional surgery like a tummy tuck or arm lift – the traditional go-to procedures for patients who wanted to get rid of fat and tighten their skin. You can now achieve surgical-like body contouring results without the hassles of surgery. No sutures, no lengthy healing, no painful recovery.

You Could Be the Perfect Renuvion Candidate

NuBody Concepts Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Rosdeutscher has been using the Renuvion radio frequency and helium plasma technology for over a year, and patients are loving it. “I am happy with the results we are seeing, especially for arms, lower face & neck,” he says.  The fact that Renuvion can provide significant improvement without the scars or downtime is the reason why so many patients opt for it over a more invasive surgery.

Most patients who see Dr. Rosdeutscher in a one-on-one consultation have an area of complaint, such as their belly or neck, but no clear idea of what to do. There is still very much a place for brachioplasty (arm lift), face and neck lifts, he says, but Renuvion is a great solution for patients close to or at their target weight who want to slim down further but don’t want to – and don’t have to – resort to traditional surgery.

Renuvion skin tightening before and after picture - back
Patient before and 10 weeks after Renuvion tissue contracture on back and flanks.

Here is How Renuvion Contours Your Body

The Renuvion technology uses a unique combination of helium plasma and radiofrequency (RF) energy to rapidly heat and cool down again the tissues of the target area. The energy heats the collagen and other structures, causing the tissues to contract. Because of the rapid heating and cooling down, there is no risk of overheating the skin, and it allows the surgeon to cover an entire area in just 15-20 minutes.

The RF energy is delivered via a thin wand that is inserted under the skin through several small, strategically-placed incisions. This is not much different from liposuction, in fact the procedures are typically performed at the same time to achieve maximum fat removal and skin contraction. A local anesthetic is flushed into the target areas prior to the wand application, which is typically all that is needed to relieve discomfort.

What You Can Expect From Your Recovery

Whenever tissue is removed via scalpel, the recovery takes time and is somewhat uncomfortable, if not painful. This is true for a tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift, or face lift. The incisions need time to heal, and the scars will need special care for months so as to blend in and eventually become near invisible. 

None of this applies to RF-powered tissue contracture with Renuvion. The small entry points through which the wand is inserted are not typically big enough to need any stitches, meaning they heal fast and blend into the skin quickly. Patients don’t typically have any discomfort and can resume their daily routine as well as exercises within just a day or two. You can expect some bruising and swelling as with any cosmetic procedure, but this will not slow you down in your daily activities.

The Next Best Thing to Stopping Aging

The beauty industry has a tendency to get ahead of itself. This is how you find yourself being told there are miracle cures to sagging skin and that aging can be reversed, if only you have this and that procedure. 

Aging, of course, cannot be reversed. As we get older, the collagen in our skin loses the ability to regenerate itself at the same rate it once did, meaning our skin progressively sags. Nothing can halt this process.

However, the aging skin can be contracted with an RF device, and the added helium plasma technology makes Renuvion particularly effective – adding speed and precision to the process. The contraction of tissues stimulates the production of collagen. This means that while you will see results right after your procedure, they will continue to improve over 6-9 months as the collagen renews itself.

If you’re frustrated by fat pockets and sagging skin and would like to have some help in improving your body contours, we can help. NuBody Concepts Nashville has been a leader in minimally-invasive body contouring over many years, and you can trust our team to help you realize your goals. Get started by clicking below to book a personal consultation now – we have several openings this week and next week at our discounted rate!

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