Non-invasive and minimally-invasive options for the treatment of cellulite in Nashville & Memphis

Non-Surgical Skin Treatments

Using a range of non-invasive and minimally-invasive radio frequency assisted treatments, we can reduce the appearance of cellulite caused by age-related skin laxity. Depending on the extend of sagging and personal preference, technologies such as BodyTite, Exilis, or ThermiSmooth can be used to tighten the uneven skin many women develop on thighs and buttocks.

Our cellulite treatments are available at our fully-equipped cosmetic surgery centers in Nashville and Memphis and are performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery.

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For most women, the biggest areas of complaint are the upper thighs and buttocks. This is typically where you can see the biggest improvement in a reduction of that dimpled skin associated with cellulite. However, skin tightening treatments are not limited to the thighs and buttocks. If you have lax skin anywhere on your body, we can treat and tighten it.

Results can be seen 3-5 days after the procedure once the swelling has gone down, should you experience any. If your cellulite is removed with BodyTite radio frequency treatment, your results will continue to improve over the course of 12 months, with excellent results noticeable after 6 weeks.

It depends on how your surgeon has customized the procedure, but in general you can estimate approximately 15 minutes per treated zone. If you add in liposuction to remove fat in addition to tightening the skin, your procedure can last 2- 2.5 hours.

When using a minimally-invasive cellulite treatment like BodyTite, your recovery will take 3-5 days. Patients can typically resume regular activities the next day as tolerated, but are advised to wait a week before resuming strenuous exercise. When using a non-invasive cellulite treatment like Exilis or ThermiSmooth, there will be no notable recovery period.

Cellulite is not an easy problem for plastic surgeons to tackle. The outcome depends on your skin elasticity and amount of subcutaneous fat. When we treat cellulite, we are really treating age-related skin laxity by using various means of skin tightening technologies. Such a treatment provides a reset point for your skin, meaning your skin looks younger and fresher after your procedure, but from then on the natural aging process continues. New weight gain could also speed up the emergence of new areas of dimpled skin. But generally speaking, you do not need any repeat treatments when treating cellulite. Your results will also continue to improve over the course of a year, as the tightened skin contracts further.

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