What is Lipo 360 and Where Is it Offered in Tennessee?

Lipo 360 stands for liposuction around your entire midsection, i.e. 360 degrees. It doesn’t refer to a specific liposuction technique but rather to the area it covers. It means that your midsection can be shaped the entire way around, including upper and lower abdomen, the back, and the sides (flanks). All this can be combined into one single procedure so that you get evenly toned results around your entire abdomen.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at NuBody Concepts Nashville and NuBody Concepts Memphis have treated thousands of Tennessee patients with liposuction including Lipo 360 for over 25 years. Click below to schedule a personal consultation with a plastic surgeon, or read on to learn more about Lipo 360.

How Much Does Lipo 360 Cost?

At NuBody Concepts, the average liposuction price starts at $3,600 for the first area, with additional areas offered on a discounted schedule (see our liposuction cost page for a chart). Upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks, lower back, bra roll, hips, male chest area, inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, chin, and neck are all separate areas. Two of the same count as one area, like thighs, arms, flanks, etc.

Our prices are all-inclusive without any hidden costs added later to your bill. Your payment options include interest-free healthcare financing plans with one of several approved lenders.

How Lipo 360 Works

Liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure given under local anesthesia. On the day of your procedure after the anesthesia is applied to the entire area, your plastic surgeon uses a thin wand inserted under the skin to break up and suction off fat. This can be done with traditional or power-assisted liposuction, depending on which technique the surgeon has discussed with you.

Patients often pair liposuction with a skin tightening treatment such as BodyTite or Renuvion, which both use targeted heat generated from radio frequency to shrink tissues and contract the skin. This kind of treatment is also called Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL). Thanks to modern advances in technology, it is a great alternative to surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, arm lifts, thigh lifts, and neck lifts.

Tightening your skin is an important consideration, because liposuction alone often does not result in the tight, rejuvenated look you may desire. Since both liposuction and skin tightening require the area to be anesthetized, you can save time and money by combining these procedures into one.

Is Lipo 360 the Right Treatment For Anyone And Any Area?

While the term Lipo 360 refers to the midsection, there is no reason you are limited to the abdomen only. Liposuction – both traditional and RFAL – can be applied to any area of the body, from the neck down to the knees. If you find yourself bothered by fat pockets resistant to diet and exercise, having liposuction to remove these fat cells is an excellent option.

The best way to find out how such areas can be effectively treated is to speak with a plastic surgeon. Not all patients are good candidates for liposuction. If your BMI is over 40 (the threshold for obesity), you are not likely to see good results from liposuction. Most surgeons would advise you to first reach your target weight with a weight loss program. Cosmetic weight loss procedures such as a gastric balloon are also an option.

If your BMI is in the 30-40 range, you may get better results from a gastric balloon or tummy tuck rather than liposuction. It really depends on your personal circumstances and goals. Calculate your BMI to get an idea of where you stand, and then schedule a consultation.

Customize Your Liposuction Treatment

If you are ready to get started, use the pink button to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon in Nashville or Memphis. Learning about your goals and personal circumstances will help the surgeon develop a customized treatment plan to achieve results you will love!

With NuBody Concepts, you can achieve the body you’ve always desired. Check out our Liposuction before and after photos to see proof of our work. Schedule a consultation at our Memphis or Nashville location today to learn how NuBody Concepts can help you achieve stunning Liposuction results.

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.