Mommy Makeover

Custom options to reverse the effects of pregnancy and childbirth in Nashville & Memphis

A Mommy Makeover After Pregnancy & Childbirth

Motherhood is a blessing, but its effects on our bodies are not. A mommy makeover is a combination of minimally-invasive and surgical procedures to restore a woman’s pre-pregnancy figure – or perhaps even improve on what you had before childbirth! It has two goals: flatten the stomach, which can be achieved with a tummy tuck or less invasive fat removal and skin tightening, and improve the size or shape of the breasts, which can be done with a breast lift, breast implants, or fat transfer to the breasts. 

NuBody Concepts mommy makeovers are performed in Nashville and Memphis by a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience. If you are looking for a mommy makeover but aren’t sure what exactly you need, we encourage you to meet with our plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Simply select a date from our Nashville or Memphis calendar to self-schedule your consultation!

Each patient is unique. Our plastic surgeon will meet with you in a consultation to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mommy makeover often includes a tummy tuck, but it is more than a tummy tuck alone. We only speak of a mommy makeover if both abdomen and breasts receive a cosmetic procedure. Also, you could have a mommy makeover where the abdomen does not receive a tummy tuck but rather liposuction or skin tightening (or both).

Typically, we combine a tummy tuck with breast implants or a breast lift for our mommy makeovers. If you want to increase volume in your breasts, you can benefit from combining implants and a breast lift. There are several other options depending on your comfort level with the invasiveness of the procedure. Instead of a tummy tuck, you might achieve similar results with liposuction and radio frequency assisted skin tightening. Another area often affected by pregnancy and childbirth is the vaginal wall. You might opt to include a feminine rejuvenation treatment to strengthen vaginal laxity and even reverse minor incontinence. Read more about the components of a mommy makeover.

If you experience a loss of volume or excessive sagging in the breasts or have loose skin, stretch marks, or stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise around your abdomen, you can benefit from a mommy makeover. Women who are healthy, have a BMI of 35 or lower, don’t smoke, and have realistic expectations about the expected results are generally good candidates. But each plastic surgeon will have his or her own guidelines and the best way to find out whether you qualify for a mommy makeover is to schedule a personal consultation. Learn all about mommy makeover candidates.

No. Even though a mommy makeover is a longer and more extensive procedure, it does not need to be performed under general anesthesia. At NuBody Concepts we perform all surgeries as outpatient procedures under IV sedation (the same as you are given for a colonoscopy or wisdom teeth removal), keeping you sedated just long enough for the surgeon to perform the surgery. For more comprehensive mommy makeovers it is advisable to perform the procedure one after the other.  Also read mommy makeover risk and safety.

Most mommy makeovers involve plastic surgery, such as the placement of breast implants or the tightening of your abdominal muscles with a tummy tuck. You will see the most immediate and stunning results with a surgical procedure. However, there are many different less invasive methods that can help you achieve some of the same goals, especially if you only have moderate sagging of the abdominal skin. We have seen the best non-surgical mommy makeover results by combining liposuction with skin tightening using Renuvion or BodyTite. Learn more about how to have a tummy tuck without surgery.

Our cosmetic surgery team always strives to keep your recovery time to a minimum so that you can resume your daily activities as soon as possible. After liposuction or fat transfer, patients typically recover within just 1-2 days. For a Mommy Makeover involving surgery, most of our patients are back to work or their normal routines after 3-5 days. If your Mommy Makeover involves tightening of the abdominal muscles as well as the skin, your recovery time may be longer than that. We do recommend that you abstain from heavy lifting and exercise for a minimum of two weeks after your surgery. Learn all about recovering from a mommy makeover.

Yes. It is possible to have both a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation and go through pregnancy afterward. While some women prefer to wait with tummy tuck surgery until they are done with childbirth to make sure the results don’t change again, there is no reason you can’t have a tummy tuck at any time. If you have questions or concerns about childbirth and plastic surgery, it is best to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon. Learn more about having children after a tummy tuck.

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