Pulse Check: How Are Plastic Surgery Trends for 2024 Panning Out?

We are already three months into 2024, so it’s time to review what’s new in the cosmetic scene this year and share how we are keeping up with the constantly evolving world of plastic surgery. At NuBody Concepts, we offer plastic surgery in Nashville and Memphis for our clients from all over the region. We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest trends and leading the way in understanding and catering to the needs and desires of individuals seeking aesthetic enhancements. In December 2023, Allure magazine published an article titled “These Will Be the Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2024,” highlighting some of the projected trends in cosmetic surgery. We have closely followed these trends and would like to share our thoughts about them, and how NuBody Concepts can help.

An Update on Plastic Surgery Trends

Menopause Makeover: 2024 Trend

Women in their 40s and 50s are opting for more subtle enhancements than generations prior. One prominent trend dominating the plastic surgery landscape this year is the rise of “menopause makeovers.” In 2024, patients and doctors have gravitated toward procedures that yield more natural-looking results while addressing the effects of medications like Ozempic. Dr. Melissa Doft, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, describes this trend in the Allure article as an “explosion,” highlighting the surge in demand for procedures like face, breast, and neck lifts. At NuBody Concepts, we offer cosmetic surgery in Nashville and Memphis that provides a range of solutions to perfectly complement these trends. 

Smaller Over Bigger

In a fascinating shift, the emphasis on large enhancements is waning, with individuals opting for subtler transformations. This “smaller over bigger” ethos is evident in the increasing demand for smaller breast implant sizes and more nuanced breast lifts. Dr. Doft’s observation that patients now prefer a “large B, small C” cup size underscores this evolving preference for understated elegance.

NuBody Concepts is in tune with this trend, offering both female and male breast reduction procedures for clients. Our breast lift procedures redefine femininity in a subtle yet impactful way. Our tailored approach ensures patients receive personalized care to enhance their natural beauty while addressing their unique concerns. 

Breast-Related Surgeries at NuBody Concepts 

We provide a variety of surgeries related to breasts that align with Allure’s latest plastic surgery trends. Please note that these starting prices do not include all final costs associated with a procedure. After a consultation, you’ll get your all-inclusive price before any procedure begins: 

  • Breast Lift: This procedure removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to give the breasts a youthful appearance. It starts at $9,500, and the recovery period ranges from 3-10 days.
  • Breast Reduction: This surgical procedure removes excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a proportional breast size and alleviate physical discomfort. It starts at $10,900; recovery usually takes 3-7 days.
  • Male Breast Reduction: This minimally invasive procedure removes excess breast tissue in men. It reduces the size of male breasts and creates a more masculine chest appearance. Prices start at $8,900; recovery usually takes 1-5 days.
  • Breast Implants: Breast implants can be used to enlarge breasts, improve symmetry, correct deformities, or reconstruct the breasts. The price for this procedure starts at $6,200, and the recovery period ranges from 3-5 days.

Natural Facelifts: Addressing the Chin, Neck, and Eyes

The major plastic surgery trends of 2024 focus on natural-looking results. Facial rejuvenation is shifting toward organic results, and more patients are opting for neck lifts and facelifts. NuBody Concepts provides natural facelift solutions that rejuvenate without appearing overdone. The spotlight on the neck and jawline is intensifying, with younger patients seeking sculpting procedures and older patients opting for neck lifts. NuBody Concepts offers advanced cosmetic procedures and light neck lifts that cater to diverse age groups and aesthetic preferences.

Face-Related Cosmetic Procedures at NuBody Concepts 

At NuBody Concepts, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to help you achieve your desired look. 

  • Facelift: This procedure can target the neck, face, and chin through surgery, with a recovery period of 3-5 days. The starting price for a full facelift is $9,800. 
  • Minilift: A less invasive technique that tightens deep facial tissues through smaller incisions. This option is recommended for younger patients with only mild symptoms of sagging. 
  • Neck Lift: This can be accomplished through a facelift or mini facelift. You can discuss this option with our medical team during your initial consultation. 
  • Eyelid Surgery: This surgical procedure has a recovery period of 3-5 days and starts at $4,800. You can choose an upper blepharoplasty to correct sagging upper eyelids, combined with a brow lift (see below) if needed. Alternatively, you can opt for a non-surgical treatment such as skin tightening or dermal fillers for bags under your eyes. 
  • Brow Lift: The starting price for a brow lift, which can raise and/or arch the eyebrows or eliminate a hooded upper eyelid, is $6,500.

Body Contouring: What Is the Plastic Surgery Trend in 2024?

According to Allure’s predictions, tightening the skin on the body is going to be a major trend in 2024. In 2023, energy-based skin-tightening devices, such as those that use radiofrequency, were considered the ultimate solution. However, they work best on young people who have a thick dermis and no stretch marks. 

Patients who have lost weight and have loose skin are increasingly seeking help from plastic surgery offices. Surgical excision of skin, such as tummy tucks, breast lifts, and thigh lifts, is still the main solution.

Body Contouring Procedures at NuBody Concepts 

We offer the following body contouring procedures: 

  • RF Skin Tightening: This minimally invasive procedure tightens skin in different parts of the body, such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Often paired with liposuction to also remove fat, RF skin tightening starts at $6,300. 
  • Tummy Tuck: This surgical procedure removes excess skin and fat from the abdomen while tightening the muscles. It requires 3-10 days of recovery and starts at $10,500.
  • Cellulite Reduction: This minimally invasive procedure helps reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. It starts at $2,500 and focuses on the thighs and buttocks.
  • Feminine Rejuvenation: This non-invasive procedure improves the functionality of the vagina after childbirth or menopause. It starts at $2,800 and can help with issues such as vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, and urinary incontinence.

The Here and Now of Plastic Surgery

Trends come and go, sometimes rapidly (especially in the realm of aesthetics). No matter what’s hot, at NuBody Concepts, our professionals prioritize your safety and well-being while delivering exceptional aesthetic results. If you’re looking for plastic surgery near you in Nashville or Memphis, our team can help! We can assist you in choosing the best procedure for your needs. Two board-certified plastic surgeons, John D. Rosdeutscher, MD (Nashville) and Mark H. Peters, MD (Memphis), lead our offices. 
We invite you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team and look at our before-and-after photos to see the amazing results we achieve. At NuBody Concepts, we don’t just follow trends; we set new standards in cosmetic excellence. Join us today and discover the beauty of personalized plastic surgery solutions tailored to you.

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.