A Boutique Cosmetic Surgery Provider that Fits Your Goals & Budget

It’s an old cliché, but nowhere is it so true as in cosmetic surgery: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the “beholder” most often isn’t some stranger who might judge our appearance with a critical look. No, it is us ourselves who seem to have the strongest urge to like what we see reflected in the mirror.

We, the plastic surgeons at NuBody Concepts – John D. Rosdeutscher, MD and Mark H. Peters, MD – believe that cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal decision that aims to boost your confidence. We are simply here to help you see your own beauty.  At NuBody Concepts we have created a provider of affordable cosmetic surgery, while making sure we offer innovative and minimally-invasive procedures that don’t much disrupt your lifestyle.

Boosting Looks and Confidence

In previous times, undergoing a cosmetic procedure might have been viewed as some frivolous exercise to feed your vanity. But from our long years practicing plastic surgery – over 20 years for each of us – we know this is no longer true. We have seen with our own eyes the joy people experience from a new look, from attaining a body ideal they’ve long cherished. Looking your best often has you feeling the best about yourself, and this feeling has the potential to change your life. Time and again we have seen this transformation in our patients, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

And yet, many people hesitate to take such a step. What’s keeping them from following through with their body contouring goals?

Here are the worries that we hear most often: 

“I’m afraid that it will hurt; I don’t like hospitals; I don’t think I can afford plastic surgery; I’m too busy for a lengthy recovery.”

At NuBody Concepts, we have worked hard to bring you the kind of cosmetic surgery that addresses these concerns:

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery

It’s true, cosmetic surgery isn’t necessarily cheap. However, it is much more affordable than you think if you approach it the right way.

The first thing you need to be sure about is how much it actually does cost. Many providers charge a plethora of fees. Surgeon fees, anesthesia cost, hospital surcharges. Not knowing what your final bill will be can be very stressful. The truth is, it’s complete unnecessary. 

At NuBody Concepts, all cosmetic surgery prices are all-inclusive. There will be no surcharges, fees, or even taxes beyond the price you are quoted in your consultation, so you’ll always know exactly what to expect.  And because we are not a hospital, we are able to keep these all-inclusive prices affordable.

We also help you apply for interest-free payment plans through one of three medical financing providers. Visit our payment options page to check your credit score and learn more.

A Local Team With Roots in the Community

We are a small, locally-owned cosmetic surgery practice with roots in the local community. This means you meet with the same doctor and staff at every one of your visits. This is very different from a corporate chain that specializes, say, in fat freezing and uses entire teams of doctors to process a large number of patients to cover their marketing expenses. 

Our surgeons are long-serving, know our patients, and can offer boutique services to meet a patient’s specific goals. If you come in for a tummy tuck but might benefit from a less-invasive round of BodyTite, we will give you that option. If you envision a fat transfer breast augmentation but we feel your results would vastly improve with implants, we will tell you that too. We don’t have an agenda beyond ensuring that you know your options for the best possible outcome.

We are not a hospital. From the moment you enter our doors, you will appreciate our cheery ambiance, comfortable waiting and recovery areas, and warm staff.

Surgical-Like Results Without the Scars and Downtime

If you’re too busy for a lengthy downtime, you’re not the only one. This is why we specialize in surgical-like results without the scars and downtime. We want to help you achieve your goals with minimal impact on your lifestyle.

While we offer a full range of plastic surgery procedures from breast augmentations to tummy tucks and facelifts, we are also constantly testing new technologies that are less disruptive without compromising results. Non-surgical skin tightening such as BodyTite and Renuvion uses radio frequency assisted heat to target fat and tissues and has revolutionized minimally-invasive body contouring. It has allowed us to help patients who are not quite ready for a tummy tuck but have too much excess fat and skin for liposuction alone. Embracing the technology right when it was FDA approved allowed our surgeons to develop crucial expertise treating hundreds of patients while it was relatively unknown in the mainstream.

We also take your comfort very seriously. Great results are a big part of your journey, but so is the experience itself. None of our procedures require general anesthesia. Allowing you to choose your custom level of IV sedation not only ensures a pain-free and easy procedure but also a more rapid recovery of typically under a week.

What’s the Next Step?

The bottom line is, looking your best is attainable! And instead of something to dread, your cosmetic procedure can be an exciting experience. See what our recent patients are saying and  what their results look like.

NuBody Concepts Cosmetic Surgery serves patients in the Nashville and Memphis Metro areas with complementary travel packages for out-of-town patients within and outside of Tennessee.

If you are ready to get started, call us now or use the pink button to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon in Nashville or Memphis.

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.