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How to Know When You Need a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks have been around for such a long time that we mention them in the same breath as “diet” and “exercise.” If you have unwanted belly fat and/or loose skin, no matter how much of it, a tummy tuck can get rid of it. However, there are also less-invasive options for fat removal and skin tightening for patients who don’t want surgery. … Read more

A Boutique Cosmetic Surgery Provider that Fits Your Goals & Budget

We, the plastic surgeons at NuBody Concepts – John D. Rosdeutscher, MD and Mark H. Peters, MD – believe that cosmetic surgery is a deeply personal decision that aims to boost your confidence. We are simply here to help you see your own beauty. At NuBody Concepts we have created a provider of affordable cosmetic surgery, while making sure we offer innovative and minimally-invasive procedures that don’t much disrupt your lifestyle.… Read more

Let’s Talk About Feminine Rejuvenation!

Remember those Kegel exercises you did during pregnancy? If you fell short with your daily regimen, you might be paying for it years later when jumping on your kids’ trampoline. As women go through pregnancy as well as age and undergo hormonal changes, they can suffer from a weakened vaginal wall, loss of lubrication and sexual satisfaction, and even mild incontinence. But there is a solution at your cosmetic surgery practice, and it’s called Feminine (or Vaginal) Rejuvenation.… Read more