Breast Lifts vs. Breast Augmentation: What’s the Difference?

If you’re contemplating enhancing your breasts, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the many options available. From breast implants to fat transfers and breast lifts, it can be difficult to decide which cosmetic procedure is right for you. Each option has its benefits, and it’s important to research and consult with a qualified plastic surgeon before deciding. Ultimately, you should base your choice on your goals, expectations, and medical history.… Read more

Breast Augmentation and Athletic Performance: What to Know

As an athlete, you know that your body is your temple. You work hard to improve your performance and push your limits to reach your goals. However, there may be times when you want to enhance certain aspects of your body. At NuBody Concepts, we understand the unique needs of active individuals, which is why we personalize our specialized treatments to meet the needs of each patient. … Read more

What Can Men Do About Sagging Pecs or Breasts?

In today’s society, men may face concerns about sagging pecs or breasts due to the emphasis placed on physical appearance. At NuBody Concepts, we understand that this struggle goes beyond aesthetic concerns. For many men, a saggy chest makes it uncomfortable to change in front of others or wear a swimsuit on vacation. If you’re struggling with these insecurities, it’s time to embrace a new physique! We aim to help you regain your confidence and achieve a more sculpted version of yourself. Our Nashville and Memphis cosmetic surgery centers offer male breast reduction surgery. Here, we will explore the treatments available at NuBody Concepts to help men eliminate a saggy chest.… Read more

Breaking the Stigma: Male Breast Reduction Surgery—A Positive Step Toward Confidence

Do you feel self-conscious about your chest size as a man? If so, you’re not alone. Many men suffer from gynecomastia, or enlarged breast tissue in men, which can cause discomfort and social stigma. Fortunately, male breast reduction surgery can help alleviate these issues. As a leading plastic surgery clinic, NuBody Concepts understands that some men may feel self-conscious about their breast size. Our cosmetic surgery practice has helped countless men recover confidence with male breast reduction surgery. … Read more

Achieving Symmetry: How Breast Augmentation Can Correct Uneven Breasts

When looking in the mirror, it can be easy to assume you’re the only one whose body looks like X, Y, or Z. If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Is there a way to even out uneven breasts?” know that you are not the only one. According to the National Library of Medicine, 88 percent of women have some form of breast asymmetry. Uneven breasts can impact your self-confidence and body image, affecting various aspects of your life. It can become more challenging to pick out a bathing suit or wear a dress you’re comfortable with. … Read more

Four Common Questions Patients Have Before a Breast Lift

Are you considering a breast lift procedure? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your breasts have lost their youthful shape and firmness, or you’re unhappy with how they look after pregnancy or weight loss. Whatever the reason, you’re not alone. Many women seek breast lift surgery to restore their confidence and achieve the beautiful, perky breasts they desire. NuBody Concepts, a Tennessee-based cosmetic center, is here to help. … Read more

Debunking Common Myths About Breast Implants and Other Procedures

If you’re considering breast implants, make sure you are fully informed. It’s common to have concerns and questions about the safety, effectiveness, and cost of such procedures. At NuBody Concepts, we are a trusted cosmetic care center with over 25 years of experience. Our Nashville- and Memphis-based board-certified plastic surgeons are skilled in breast augmentations. With a wide selection of FDA-approved silicone or saline implants, we can help you achieve the fuller, larger, and perkier breasts you’ve always desired. … Read more

Breast Reduction Isn’t Just for Women. Exploring the Benefits of Breast Reduction for Men

For many men, the weight of enlarged breasts is both literal and figurative. The physical and emotional impact of enlarged male breasts, or gynecomastia, can be overwhelming, affecting your confidence and self-image. The good news is that Tennessee-based cosmetic surgery center NuBody Concepts is here to help. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have over 25 years of experience helping men realize their cosmetic goals.… Read more