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Liposuction: Is it Worth It?

A common myth about liposuction is that it helps you lose weight. In fact, liposuction is not a weight loss program. But if it doesn’t help you lose weight – is liposuction worth it? Spoiler alert: Yes! Read about the top 6 reasons why liposuction is worth it for patients.… Read more

Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift: No Implants Needed

The term “breast augmentation” encompasses a wide range of different procedures. There are many options to give your breast the size and shape you want. Today we will discuss the auto-augmentation breast lift, which is ideal for women with plenty of breast tissue who want to enhance the appearance of their sagging breasts without giving up size, and without the use of breast implants.… Read more

Will I Be Able to Breastfeed After a Breast Reduction?

Women who are unhappy with the large size of their breasts undergo breast reduction surgery to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to achieve a breast size that is more in proportion with their body. But is a breast reduction right for you if you are not done having children or haven’t even thought about pregnancy yet? Should you worry about your ability to breastfeed your future children?… Read more