From Obesity to Liposuction

Many people conflate liposuction with weight loss and are disappointed when their plastic surgeon tells them that liposuction is not an effective fat removal option for them. If you are significantly overweight or obese, you are not a candidate for body contouring with liposuction. You will first have to lose weight. The good news is, this is very achievable. Below we will discuss the ORBERA Weight-Loss Balloon, available at NuBody Concepts Nashville, and how it can get you ready for the next step on your path to a slimmer – and healthier – body.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is an age-old minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that removes fat cells from under the skin. These cells can be broken up with strong vibrations, flushed out with pulsating water, or even destroyed with targeted radio frequency or ultrasound energy. It is most effective for men and women who are near their goal weight but struggle with pockets of fat – bra bulges, muffin tops, belly fat, flabby arms or thighs, even the neck – that do not respond to diet and exercise.

Liposuction before and after of NuBody Concepts patient
Female NuBody Concepts liposuction patient – 12 weeks post-op
Liposuction before and after picture of NuBody Concepts patient
Male NuBody Concepts liposuction patient – 8 weeks post-op

Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

At NuBody Concepts in Nashville and Memphis, our plastic surgeons have helped thousands of patients achieve a slimmer figure with our customized liposuction services. Here are our published articles to find out if you’re an ideal candidate:

If you are ready to get started with liposuction, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon at our Nashville or Memphis practice.

Liposuction is Not Weight Loss

A successful liposuction procedure is measured in a noticeable reduction in your waistline, not in the amount of weight you’ve lost. Hence the term “body contouring.” Yes, you may lose a little weight in the process, as the fat removed from your body has a certain volume and weight, but it’s not the main focus.

In technical terms, weight loss shrinks the fat cells in your body, whereas liposuction removes fat cells altogether. For fat removal to show any difference in appearance, the fat has to be localized enough to target with a wand that is inserted under the skin to destroy the tissues. Patients who have worked on their weight loss to get close to their ideal weight often times have remnants of fat that is resistant to further weight loss. This is exactly the kind of fat that liposuction can eliminate.

Performing liposuction on an obese person has two problems: It will likely not give you any desirable results as it’s simply not possible to contour a significantly overweight body. And it increases the risk factors for the procedure to a level many plastic surgeons won’t be comfortable with. Obesity is tied to increased risks during surgery, anesthesia recovery, and wound healing, among others.

Weight Loss Options for Obese Candidates

The first option, of course, is to achieve this naturally. A healthy diet and exercise program can help you reduce your weight over time to get you to a place where liposuction can take care of what stubborn fat remains. It’s the least-invasive option of all.

The problem with non-invasive interventions is that they don’t have such a high rate of success and, if they do work, take a long time to achieve. Don’t get us wrong: a healthy diet and exercise program should be a staple in anyone’s daily routine. But many people give up before they ever get there. A more invasive approach with a higher success rate may be a better way to get you to that healthy lifestyle.

The ORBERA Gastric Balloon is a proven way to achieve substantial weight loss in six months or less.

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What is the Orbera Weight-Loss System?

Don’t be turned off by the term “gastric,” which you might associate with indigestion or full bypass surgery. While a gastric bypass is a surgical procedure performed under full anesthesia that permanently reduces the size of the stomach (or bypasses it altogether), the Orbera balloon is a temporary “crutch” that allows your body to adapt to healthier eating habits. It is a 6-month program with two minimally-invasive procedures at the beginning and end that has proven extraordinarily successful to reduce weight permanently. On average, patients can expect to lose 30-50 lbs, or 3x the weight loss of diet and exercise alone.

NuBody Concepts Orbera Weight-Loss Balloon patient

How Does Orbera Work?

A silicone balloon is inserted endoscopically into the stomach in a deflated sate and then filled with saline to the size of a small grapefruit. It stays there for 6 months, taking up space and effectively shrinking the stomach. This tricks your brain into wanting smaller portions of food, and less often. Most patients see a the most drastic results within 2-3 months of balloon placement. A consultant checks in with you monthly to monitor your weight loss and provide nutrition advice.

By the end of 6 months after the balloon is removed, most patients are able to keep off the weight because they have adopted healthier eating habits. The beauty of this approach is that it works for a large majority of patients, without permanently altering the physical makeup of the stomach. It requires no stitches and no healing period, and leaves behind no scars.

Am I a Candidate for Orbera?

In addition to being in overall good health, good candidates for Orbera have a BMI in the 30-40 range – men and women alike.

Patients with BMIs below 30 may not see significant results and are typically good candidates for liposuction.

Patients with BMIs above 40 are susceptible to increased risk from surgery. However, borderline BMIs of 41-42 may qualify after an assessment by a surgeon.

To calculate your BMI, use our BMI calculator and select your next step from the chart below:

BMI < 30BMI 30-40BMI > 40
Better candidate for liposuction and/or skin tightening.Ideal gastric balloon candidate.Not an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery; advised to reduce BMI by enrolling in a weight loss program. Call us for a pre-screening if you are borderline (41-42).

If you are ready to get started with Orbera, simply self-schedule a consultation with our gastric surgeon at our Nashville practice (we offer a travel package for out-of-town patients).

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