Aqualipo Spotlight: Amanda

This month we welcome Amanda as a Spotlight Patient.
Amanda came to NuBody Concepts of Brentwood because she was unhappy with her appearance.

“I was not happy with the extra weight I was carrying in my midsection,” she says. “It made me feel frumpy and uncomfortable in my clothes, especially my jeans.”

Many women feel exactly like Amanda. They often get frustrated when they hit a plateau with diet and exercise. They look in the mirror and pinch at fat bulges they’re unhappy with, they dream of a more contoured body, and yet they hesitate – because they fear the idea of surgery, worry about taking time off work, or don’t believe they will see results.

When Amanda saw the results Kelly Ford of Nash FM had with her Aqualipo procedure, she was impressed that it only took two weeks for Kelly’s body to show such an improvement. It was the incentive she needed.

“I called that day!”

She still felt a little apprehensive when she first came in. But Dr. Trey Emerson put her at ease, thoroughly explaining his recommendations for her personalized liposuction treatment.

How about the actual procedure? We asked Amanda how she would describe it.

“EASY,” she said. “I literally went in on my lunch break and two hours later I had a flat stomach!”

She sounded particularly surprised when asked about her downtime following the procedure:

“I had some swelling for a couple of days and my midsection was tender but no actual downtime.”

Amanda is “super happy” with her results and has given out several referrals to her friends and co-workers who commented on her new look. She loves that she feels comfortable in all her clothes now, especially her jeans.

She still can’t quite believe how easy and fast Aqualipo gave her the results she had only dreamed of before.

“It would have taken me a year to achieve that in the gym.”

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.