Is it Time for a Mommy Makeover to Get Your Body Back?

I’m a Mom. And although I know I will always be a mother, my days as Mommy have come to an end.

While this may sound bittersweet, it has mostly been a relief. With four teenagers in the house, I appreciate that I no longer get ripped from sleep at 5 am by someone bouncing on my bed. (It’s a sad irony that I am now finally trained to wake up at 5 am all by myself.) I appreciate that I no longer have to extract peanut butter sandwiches from the VCR that my 3-year old pushed through the slit. I now have a valuable 16-year old assistant who can explain (ignore the eye roll) the proper use of our fifteen remotes, and who helps with pushing tiny buttons I can no longer see. I appreciate that I don’t have to enforce Quiet Time in their rooms anymore. In fact, quiet time in their rooms (with the curtains drawn) is what my kids do best, as long as the WiFi isn’t down, God forbid.

So, having shed my mantle of Mommy, why not also shed the shape of one?

Before I joined NuBody Concepts, I had no idea that this is, in fact, what an increasing number of mothers do. It’s called a Mommy Makeover. And it’s an absolutely brilliant scheme. Who doesn’t want a chance to be made over?

First, a quick show of hands – what’s the part of your body that frustrates you most when you inspect yourself in the mirror? Your no-longer flat tummy, I thought so! And your sagging breasts, no surprise there either. If you’re anything like me, your breasts entered their glory days for a while there during the Mommy years, letting you upgrade at least two cup sizes during pregnancy and through breastfeeding. But now you know that was their last hurrah, sort of like a dying star burning super-bright before flaming out entirely.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover is what you need so that you can feel utter joy again when looking into that mirror. It gives you back those perky nice breasts you had pre-pregnancy. Or, let’s be real, it gives you much betterbreasts than you ever had. Think of the possibilities. And it gives you back that tummy you used to have before it successively housed several humans within its walls, like squatters that never quite leave but hang around your place. Messy, needy squatters, who you have to remind around the clock to put things back where they belong.

Well, it’s time you take your own advice and put things back where they belong.

The good news is that recent advancements in plastic surgery have made Mommy Makeover surgery so much easier. At NuBody Concepts, our plastic surgery team performs tummy tucks and breast surgery, the two staples of a Mommy Makeover, under IV sedation rather than full general anesthesia. This gives you a very safe procedure with a faster recovery. We also have many other options to contour your body the way you want it. We can apply liposuction for shapelier contours, we can use fat transfer to put some of that fat where you might prefer it, and we can even improve on your jawline and jowls with our new LazerLift non-surgical facelift.

Cosmetic surgery is much less of a big deal than it used to be, and the results have gotten progressively better. Do you think it’s time for your very own Mommy Makeover?

Financing for your Mommy Makeover

But I don’t have the money, you will say. I am saving for that new sporty car to finally, FINALLY get rid of my minivan.

I feel the lure, trust me. I have had a minivan since Moses descended from the mountain. There are enough raisins and popcorn kernels wedged under its seat belt buckles to feed a small village, the driver’s side sliding door only opens when it’s warmer than 85 degrees, and it is covered in scrapes and nicks after several teenage drivers have never quite managed to get it in and out of the garage without running into things.

The great news is, NuBody Concepts offers 12-month  interest-free financing for all procedures through our financing partners, Alphaeon and Care Credit. Just like if you bought a new car.

But I’m here to tell you that body trumps car. The mirror, ladies, the mirror! Just think how great it would make you feel if you took some of that new car money and put it into your very own Mommy Makeover. Imagine looking at your reflection in a sexy red dress. No sucking in, no pinching your sides, no push-up bra that is fighting a losing battle. A lovely body looking back at you, enveloping you in that special new-body – NuBody – glow. It won’t matter what car you step out of in that sexy red dress, I promise you. Eyes will be turning your way.

Really, really think about it.

Please visit our NuBody Mommy Makeover page to learn more.

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.