Men—Liposuction is for You, Too!

The media so often focuses on women’s bodies. We’re told that women should care more about what they look like, which is why it’s been more socially acceptable for them to turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance. One of the procedures women often turn to is liposuction. But it’s not just for women – liposuction is for men, too!

Just because society places more importance on women’s bodies doesn’t mean that men don’t have their own insecurities and aesthetic goals. Though it’s not as widely publicized, plastic surgery for men is a booming industry. In fact, the number of plastic surgery procedures performed on men has increased by more than 100% in the past 20 years.

More recently, this trend has accelerated even more with the rise of social media. It turns out that men, just like women, like to put their best appearance forward on social platforms.

Whatever the causes, it has become much more acceptable for men of all ages to turn to cosmetic surgery to address their problem areas. And for many men, that means getting rid of excess fat in one or more areas of their body with the help of liposuction.

Liposuction is Quickly Gaining in Popularity

In simple terms, liposuction is a surgical procedure that lets you target excess fat in one or more areas of your body and remove it.

Liposuction has been a widely practiced surgical procedure for decades—performed on both men and women of all ages. It’s become so popular, that liposuction is now one of the top 5 plastic surgery procedures across the United States.

This statement is true whether you’re talking about plastic surgery as a whole, plastic surgery for men, or plastic surgery for women. And we’re betting that this popularity is going to continue for years to come.

Aqualipo: The Most Effective Form of Liposuction for Men

While liposuction has been around for decades, Aqualipo liposuction is a more recent advancement in the industry. Instead of cutting away at your fat with sharp tools, Aqualipo lets doctors use the gentle power of water to eliminate fat from your problem areas.

Because of this, Aqualipo is considered a minimally-invasive procedure. It is performed under a combination of local anesthesia and IV sedation—rather than general anesthesia—which makes it a less expensive, more comfortable, and safer option for you.

Men, in particular, often turn to Aqualipo liposuction to remove excess fat in their love handles, lower abdomen, neck, or chest—though it can be performed virtually anywhere. One of the most popular areas for men to have liposuction is the chest. As men age or gain weight, they can develop “male breasts” that are almost impossible to get rid of, even with diet and exercise. A male breast reduction can be a surgical procedure to remove the excess fat, but in many cases it can also be accomplished with a male breast reduction.

During a consultation, you and your doctor will discuss which area(s) you’d like to improve through Aqualipo. The end results and number of areas that can be treated will depend on your aesthetic goals and the amount of fat to be removed.

Reclaim Your Figure & Your Confidence with Liposuction

Liposuction lets you enjoy better contouring and a more proportionate figure. Not to mention, the biggest advantage is the confidence you’ll gain from your new, more toned physique. Whether it’s due to age, genetics, lifestyle factors, or something else, you don’t have to suffer with a body you aren’t confident in. Liposuction can help you reclaim both your figure and your confidence.

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Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.