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Medically reviewed by Dr. John Rosdeutscher – Written by Sine Thieme

How Much Does Mastopexy Cost?

At NuBody Concepts in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee, the average cost of a breast lift (mastopexy) starts at $9,500 (more if you also add implants). Your precise quote will be determined by a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. However, before you begin comparing prices with competitors, it may be important to understand how a breast lift is charged and how NuBody Concepts differs in our method of quoting – so you know exactly what it is you are comparing.

In this article, we’ll look into the various factors that may impact the final cost of your breast lift.

Average Cost of a Breast Lift

The cost of a breast lift varies from doctor to doctor and from one geographic area to another.

Two of the most important factors in determining the average cost of your breast lift will be your geographic location and the doctor you choose to perform the plastic surgery.

Below is a graph showing average prices for all cosmetic procedures in 2022.

Source: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank Statistics 2022

You can see that the national average cost of breast lift surgery in 2022 was $5,324 (under mastopexy). This is the price the physician or surgeon charged for a breast lift and does not include other fees and expenses you will be expected to pay: fees for the surgical facility, anesthesia, medical tests, surgical garments, or even after care products and pain prescriptions.

It is also important to note that because a breast lift is considered an elective surgery, your insurance will likely not cover the cost. However, many providers including NuBody Concepts offer a variety of financing plans to help make the procedure more affordable.

Regardless of the price, you should always choose your plastic surgeon based on the quality of their work, their training, and their experience.

The Type of Breast Lift & Surgeon Experience

With that said, the cost of your breast lift will be directly impacted by your surgeon’s experience and expertise. It could also be affected by the type of breast lift you receive. Many surgeons specialize in different breast lift techniques.

There are generally 4 or 5 popular breast lift techniques that most surgeons will apply. Each one will suit different breast types and aesthetic considerations. The types offered at NuBody Concepts include:

  • Periareolar (or Donut) lift – a donut breast lift is performed by a plastic surgeon making a circular incision around the areola. This type of breast lift is great for women with small or medium sized breasts with minor drooping or breast sag.
  • Vertical (or Lollipop) lift – a lollipop lift involves an additional incision: the same circular incision as the donut lift as well as a vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the breast crease. This technique is best for women who desire reshaping while correcting breast sag.
  • Inverted-T (or Anchor) lift – your plastic surgeon will utilize 3 different incisions with an anchor lift: around the areola, vertically to the breast crease, and the last one running horizontally along the crease of the breast. This is best suited to women with significantly larger breasts with more severe sagging.

A board-certified plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience performing these techniques will rightly charge more than a general cosmetic surgeon with less experience – as you’re paying for their expertise and knowledge.

This doesn’t mean that expertise and knowledge are the only factors impacting the cost of a breast lift. However, the experience of your surgeon is a good indicator of the outcome of your procedure. If your final results are undesirable, it may cost you more money down the line in order to have the area reworked later on. This is why choosing a plastic surgeon based on experience makes a lot of sense.

We invite you to meet our doctors who each have over 20 years of cosmetic surgery experience: Dr. John Rosdeutscher, our double-board certified plastic surgeon in Nashville and Chief Medical Officer of NuBody Concepts, and Dr. Mark Peters, our board-certified plastic surgeon in Memphis.

Fee-Based Pricing vs All-Inclusive Pricing

According to Realself, a typical breast lift surgery costs $7,775. Yet, according to the Aesthetic Society statistics seen in the graph above, the average cost of a breast lift in 2020 was $5,324.

Why the significant difference? The answer lies in fee-based vs all-inclusive pricing. Realself’s cost metrics are based on the total cost reported by individual patients. The graph above shows only surgeon fees, excluding the cost of any additional fees mentioned above. Once those fees get added in, the cost of your procedure can easily double!

This is why it’s important that when you compare breast lift price quotes, you need to make sure you know what is included and what isn’t.

At NuBody Concepts, all prices are all-inclusive. What you are quoted is your final price – no hidden fees, surcharges, or taxes. We also include compression garments and/or surgical bras for your recovery, which is another expense other practices may charge extra for. Lastly, we apply the fee you paid for your consultation (ranging from $50 to $125) to the cost of your procedure. Your only incidental expenses will be for the prescription medications (pain medication) we call in prior to your procedure.

Your Location

As with any cosmetic surgery, your location can significantly impact the overall price of your operation. Depending on cost of living at your location (which includes the cost of medical education which can vary considerably between different countries), office rents, and consumer demand, you may pay upwards of $10,000 more or a few thousand less for the exact same breast lift procedure.

You may have heard of some countries (namely Mexico, India, Brazil, or Turkey) that promote low-cost procedures and cultivate a steady flow of medical tourism from higher cost countries. However, you can never be sure if the safety protocols are satisfactory in these countries.

But in the United States, you get to choose: If you live in a higher-cost area of the country such as the coasts and big metropolitan areas like Chicago or Atlanta, you could potentially save thousands of dollars without sacrificing your safety by traveling to a lower-cost area like Nashville, TN for your breast lift or other procedure. Please make sure to ask us about information for out-of-town patients.

Additional Treatments

A breast lift should always be a one-time procedure – providing you with the aesthetic appeal that you have always desired. However, there are times when procedures can be combined or scheduled for you to come back in the future.

Breast Lift With Implants

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures to be coupled with a breast lift is a breast augmentation with breast implants. In many instances, a patient may have sagging breasts and also a considerable loss of volume. A breast lift alone would leave you with too little volume, and implants alone would not give you the desired shape. This is particularly true if you have gone through pregnancy and childbirth. In this case, combining implants with a lift is the most effective way to attain the results you are looking for. Combining a breast lift and breast implants will always be quoted correctly so you’ll be aware of the final cost of both procedures.

Mommy Makeover

Breast lifts are often performed as a part of a mommy makeover, which typically includes a tummy tuck or other work on your midsection to remove fat and/or skin for a flatter abdomen. The classic mommy makeover is a tummy tuck with breast implants. However, as shown above, most women who have had children, especially after breastfeeding, need a lift in addition to implants.

The cost of your breast lift will be incorporated into a mommy makeover for an overall price quote and may vary depending if your procedures are performed together or separately.

We hope that we’ve given you a better understanding about the cost of a breast lift. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

If you are ready to get started, use the pink button to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon in Nashville or Memphis.


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NuBody Concepts plastic surgeon Dr John Rosdeutscher

Medically reviewed by Dr. John Rosdeutscher – Written by Sine Thieme