Breast Lift Candidates

NuBody Concepts plastic surgeon Dr John Rosdeutscher

Medically reviewed by Dr. John Rosdeutscher – Written by Sine Thieme

Breast lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to firm and contour sagging breasts and provide a subtle lift that can help give breasts a more youthful appearance. An initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will likely include a candidacy assessment dependent upon several parameters. Depending on the outcome of the consultation, your plastic surgeon will either recommend a breast lift or potentially a combination of a breast lift with other breast augmentation options (implants, reduction, etc).

Who Is A Good Candidate for Breast Lift?

During the initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will typically determine candidacy based on these following attributes:

Skin Elasticity of the Breasts

Good candidates for a breast lift will often have some amount of natural skin elasticity within their breasts. This can help the patient achieve a more effective outcome of their surgery. Skin elasticity can help produce a more natural and beneficial outcome to your procedure.

The Overall Health of the Patient

Women who seek to have a breast lift performed will need to be in good health for the procedure. Cosmetic surgeons will review any past medical records and make a general health assessment prior to your surgery. Patients will also be made aware of any risk factors that their health may influence during their surgery. For example, the procedure is fairly invasive. It is important to be sure the patient does not suffer from any conditions that may prolong bleeding or prevent healing.

Other Important Attributes

A good candidate for breast lift surgery should also either be a non-smoker, or someone who would be willing to quit smoking for a period of time prior to their breast lift procedure. Ideal candidates who have a positive mindset, clear aesthetics goals and priorities, as well as realistic expectations regarding the outcome of their cosmetic surgery will likely experience the most satisfaction from their breast lift surgery.

Patient with auto-augmentation breast lift before and after procedure
This patient of Dr. Mark Peters of NuBody Concepts Germantown had an auto-augmentation (no implants) breast lift.

Why Choose a Breast Lift

Board-certified plastic surgeons will likely recommend a breast lift surgery to women who are experiencing a variety of concerns related to skin elasticity, painful, sagging breasts, aesthetic concerns regarding the size of their nipples or areolas, or want to regain a more voluminous and youthful appearance to their breasts.

Do your nipples point downward or slip beneath the crease of your breast when unsupported by a bra? Flat or elongated breasts often drive many women to seek breast augmentation surgery.

Over time it is common for some women to experience a loss of volume in their breasts which can cause them to droop and their nipples to point downward. In such cases, breast lift surgery may be the ideal treatment option. 

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: engorged breasts can cause the breasts’ skin to stretch and increase the size of your breasts.
  • Major weight loss: leading to loose skin, drooping breasts
  • Age and gravity
  • Genetics (if experiencing sagging breasts at an earlier age)

Other Reasons Why A Breast Lift May be Best For You

The skin on your breasts is stretched

For many people, one of the primary goals of a breast lift procedure is to remove any excess or stretched out skin. Removing all of that excess skin can actually help restore the natural perkiness and youthful appearance to your breasts resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Removing excess skin can also help your bra or swimsuit fit more comfortably!

Your breasts are uneven

Asymmetrical breasts are another reason why many women consider breast lift plastic surgery. A skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon can reconstruct patients’ breast tissue so that they can leave with even, shapely breasts.

Breast Lift Procedure and Types

Your plastic surgeon may recommend a variety of breast lift options for you depending on your body type, breast size, and the amount of reduction you desire.

  • Crescent Mastopexy: A crescent lift technique is only used for women who have a small amount of sagging to correct. This lift is typically only performed if a patient is having additional breast augmentation procedures (i.e. breast implants) – and even then it is not very common.
  • Periareolar Lift: A periareolar lift is for women who are experiencing mild sagging but may still benefit from a cosmetic breast lift. It is also helpful in reducing areola and nipple size.
  • Vertical Lift: A vertical lift involves two different incisions that helps remove excess skin and shape a more youthful breast. These incisions are often hidden within the lining of the areola and the crease of the under-boob (known as the inframammary fold).
  • Inverted T Lift: An inverted T lift, also known as an anchor lift, helps correct considerable sagging by removing excess skin and helps provide support pendulous breasts (breasts that are not self-supporting).

Does a Breast Lift Work?

A breast lift is an excellent procedure to correct drooping or sagging breasts, especially after childbirth and breastfeeding. It can also help women who have excessive skin laxity due to aging or extreme weight loss. An easy way to see if you could benefit from a breast lift is to determine if your nipples are below the fold under your breasts.

If any of the above conditions are true for you, a breast lift can work amazingly well to give your breasts a younger, firmer, and more aesthetically pleasing position and shape.

If all you’re looking for is increase breast volume, a breast augmentation with implants may be a better way to achieve your goals. See Breast Lift vs Breast Implants to learn more about the differences.

Getting a Breast Lift

If you are in the Greater Nashville or Memphis, TN area, and are unhappy with the appearance, shape, or symmetry of your breasts, Dr. John D. Rosdeutscher and Dr. Mark H. Peters of NuBody Concepts have you covered. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure. If you’re interested in reading more information about the breast lift procedure, continue reading our informative blog!

NuBody Concepts plastic surgeon Dr John Rosdeutscher

Medically reviewed by Dr. John Rosdeutscher – Written by Sine Thieme