Plastic Surgery in Bowling Green

Back view of Aqualipo Liposuction patient before and after her procedure at NuBody ConceptsAt NuBody Concepts, we are dedicated to helping men and women achieve the bodies they’ve always wanted through a range of non-invasive procedures and advanced plastic surgery methods. With a nationally-renowned cosmetic surgery center just a short drive from Bowling Green—in Brentwood, Tennessee—we are helping men and women gain the self-confidence they deserve. Our professional team, led by our highly-trained plastic surgeon, will help you sculpt and contour your body exactly how you want it.

A Leading Liposuction Provider in Tennessee

Do you want to eliminate unwanted body fat and contour your body to the shape you desire? Having performed thousands of procedures over the years, we are a leading liposuction provider in the state of Tennessee, and the #1 Aqualipo® provider in the United States.  Aqualipo is an innovative body contouring procedure that uses the gentle, natural power of water to flush away and remove unwanted fat in your body. When compared to the more traditional forms of liposuction, Aqualipo can be applied to almost any part of the body, requires no general anesthesia, and boasts faster recovery times and minimal downtime.

Helping Bowling Green Residents Look and Feel Better

Aqualipo body contouring exclusively at NuBody Concepts

If you are looking for plastic surgery in Bowling Green, take the short trip to Nashville and visit NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery. We help you look and feel better with affordable and minimally-invasive liposuction and other cosmetic treatments. Our double board-certified plastic surgeon has practiced in the Nashville area for over 20 years. During a personal consultation, he will help you customize a procedure (or set of procedures) best suited for you needs to help you achieve the look you desire.

What our patients love most about NuBody Concepts is the personalized service, coupled with consistently good results. Most wish they had come to see us earlier, like Abby. Listen to her story to see how her experience with NuBody Concepts gave her more than just a new figure. It gave her new confidence. Call us to learn how we can do the same for you!