The Tummy Tuck Diet: Keeping Your Tummy Flat After Surgery

When you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, you might be left with excess skin around your midsection. A tummy tuck can help you get a flat, tight tummy to complement your new figure. At NuBody Concepts in Nashville and Memphis, our board-certified plastic surgeons have helped many women and men regain their figure – and confidence – with tummy tuck surgery.

If your only trouble spots are fat pockets without too much excess skin, you might opt for a non-surgical tummy tuck by combining liposuction with skin tightening for maximum skin tightening without incisions.

Whichever option you choose to flatten your tummy, you will want to maintain your slim appearance and your confidence—and eating right is one of the best ways to do this. Here are some healthy eating tips to help you enjoy your new body for years to come!

Get plenty of protein and fluids in the days following your tummy tuck.

Your body needs protein and fluids to help support a speedy recovery and to maintain its normal function. As you’re recovering from a tummy tuck, your appetite may not return to normal right away. This could be caused by your body adjusting to the changes or as a side effect of your pain medication.

However, just because you don’t feel hungry doesn’t mean you can avoid eating. If you’re finding it difficult to eat a balanced diet after your surgery, make yourself some protein shakes. Not only are these an easy way to consume the protein and nutrients your body needs, they’re also simple to prepare, which is ideal during your recovery.

Don’t plan on dieting after a tummy tuck. Instead, maintain a healthy, balanced meal plan.

Diets often don’t work because they’re not designed for long-term success. Instead of completely depriving yourself of your favorite things, focus on healthy eating habits that you can actually stick with. Limit your intake of processed foods and takeout. Be sure to incorporate a variety of whole foods (fruits, vegetables, protein) into your daily meals to give your body the fuel it needs.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s specific instructions.

While we do hope to be a useful resource for you online, only your doctor can provide you with personalized, expert medical advice. When you go in for a tummy tuck, your doctor will give you specific instructions for optimal recovery and maintenance. They may give you post-surgery care instructions, a recommended diet, and information on when you can resume your normal activities/start exercising after a tummy tuck.

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For more tummy tuck information, visit our FAQ page. You’ll find answers to common questions like who is an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck, the length of the recovery period, the difference between a mini and a standard tummy tuck, what happens to your belly button during tummy tuck surgery, how a tummy tuck compares to liposuction and BodyTite, and more.

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