Will They Also Tighten My Skin During Liposuction?

We often get this question during liposuction consultations:

“Will they also tighten my skin, or is this a separate procedure?”

We can’t speak to what other providers offer, but for any fat removal, fat transfer, and liposuction procedure at NuBody Concepts, the answer is yes! We absolutely will tighten your skin as part of any liposuction.

Skin Tightening to Treat Laxity and Flab

We understand that you want to feel good about your looks afterwards. You want to go out there with confidence and rock that bikini you haven’t been able to wear in years. You probably won’t just want to have a flatter stomach, although that’s great progress. You’ll also want that stomach to look presentable, and that means the skin should look younger and fresher!

At NuBody Concepts, we use the latest in laser and radio frequency assisted liposuction to get that skin as tight as possible. You may know these by their brand names, such as BodyTite, ThermiTight, or Exilis. Each plastic surgeon or aesthetician may have their preference, but what matters most is their experience of treating fat removal patients. We believe that having treated over 7,000 patients speaks for itself.

This also ties in with last week’s blog post about skin tightening to treat cellulite, or rather, the appearance of cellulite. We offer skin tightening not just as part of liposuction but also as a stand-alone skincare service. Our latest addition to the team, Licensed Aesthetician Diane Novacek, has successfully treated patients in the Nashville area for many years. In addition to skin tightening, her catalog of services includes microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels, and scar revision.

Skin Tightening vs Fat Removal

It’s also important to point out that not all fat removal includes skin tightening. CoolSculpting®, for instance, is a service that does not. We get why “fat freezing” has gotten so many people excited. It’s advertised as completely non-invasive, meaning no surgery and no anesthesia. The idea is that by applying extremely cold temperatures to an area, the fat cells beneath will be destroyed and flushed out of your system over time (meaning by way of, ahem, your pee.) Who wouldn’t want to lose fat so easily?

But regardless of whether fat freezing is effective and worth the repeat treatments necessary (see this comparison between liposuction and CoolSculpting), it is already clear that it does not tighten your skin. In our opinion, that’s a major shortcoming of any fat removal procedure.

We’d like to say it again, to be crystal clear:

At NuBody Concepts, all fat removal using liposuction also includes skin tightening as part of the procedure.

All this without any extra costs or fees – all our quotes are all-inclusive.

When you decide to take charge of your body with fat removal, make sure that your provider also offers skin tightening as part of your procedure. Ready to get started? It takes less than a minute to request a consultation.

All-in-One Procedure vs Repeat Treatments

Your time is precious. If possible, you’d prefer to get your body taken care of in as little time as possible. At NuBody Concepts, we get it. Our patients consistently rate our service as excellent. We don’t make patients wait in the waiting room; you will always be seen at the time of your appointment, whether it is with a doctor, a nurse injector, or an aesthetician.

This also means that we will perform procedures in one sitting whenever that’s possible. Liposuction and skin tightening do not need two separate appointments. We can remove your fat and tighten your skin in the same one-time procedure, which lasts an average of two hours. Not only that, we can also combine several areas of your body to be treated, whether it is belly flab on your upper or lower abdomen, a muffin top, bra bulges, flabby arms, or even a double chin or sagging neck.

Whether you want to treat skin laxity to make that flabby, sagging look go away, or whether you also want to remove fat in the process, you won’t be disappointed by NuBody’s skin tightening services. Contact us today for an appointment!

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.