Look Better Together: Why Couples Plastic Surgery is on the Rise

For years, women were the only people undergoing plastic surgery—whether surgical procedures or non-invasive treatments. In recent years, more and more men have been opting to enhance the way they look through plastic surgery. According to the 2014 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, procedures for men now account for approximately 8% of all plastic surgery.

Part of the reason for this increase is because of the growing popularity of couples plastic surgery. Rather than investing in plastic surgery by themselves, couples are more and more frequently opting to enhance their bodies together. Learn more about what couples plastic surgery entails and why it’s been on the rise in recent years.

Plastic Surgery Isn’t Just About Me: It’s About Us

Plastic surgery is sometimes seen as a selfish endeavor. This isn’t because it’s a bad thing to do, but because it’s seen as something that will only benefit you in the long run. In actuality, though, choosing to get plastic surgery can absolutely be a mutually beneficial act. More and more often, we’re seeing that couples don’t just want to look good for their own personal reasons. Instead, they want to look good for each other.

Couples Want to Reclaim Their Youthful Looks Together Through Plastic Surgery

We absolutely believe you’re only as old as you feel. Unfortunately, your outward appearance doesn’t always reflect how young and vibrant you feel on the inside. Because both men and women want to feel and look young, couples plastic surgery is a way for both halves of a couple to achieve their goals. Some of the most popular rejuvenation procedures include facial injections to hide fine lines and wrinkles—like BOTOX and Juvederm, face lifts or neck lifts to tighten skin that has lost some of its elasticity, and Aqualipo liposuction to remove fat that has become harder to keep off with age.

Just Because You’re Parents Doesn’t Mean You Have to Show It

After having kids, women are sometimes unhappy with the changes to their midsection, breasts, and other problem areas. Men, on the other hand, can experience the infamous “dad bod”. After a certain point, men and women may decide to go in for plastic surgery together to reclaim their youthful bodies. Through a Mommy Makeover for women and a tummy tuck or Aqualipo liposuction for men, couples are able to get back the bodies they had before the kids came into the picture.

Sharing a Life Experience Together Comes With Physical and Emotional Benefits

While sometimes couples will decide to look into plastic surgery together, more often than not, one of them is leading the charge. Typically, one partner will join the other for a plastic surgery consultation for support. During this consultation, they may become interested in enhancing their own body through a similar or different procedure. This usually leads to bonding over a shared life experience. After all, couples who get plastic surgery together stay together, right?

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.