Do Husbands Want their Wives to Get Breast Implants?

As much as men seem to be obsessed with the size of women’s breasts, their opinions are rarely the reason women undergo breast surgery. Most of the time, women do not choose to get implants or a breast lift to please their husbands or partners. They do it because they simply want to look and feel better.

“Honey, you look perfect the way you are!”

In fact, husbands often don’t understand why their wives are unhappy with the size of their breasts, when they, the husbands, deem them perfectly acceptable. This is why it can take years for a woman to fulfill her dream of undergoing plastic surgery. It is a financial investment, much like purchasing a car, and without the support or even enthusiasm of your spouse, it is easy to put it off.

But this doesn’t mean that once a woman decides to have breast surgery, the husband can’t be involved. On the contrary. From picking the plastic surgeon to surfing the Internet for before and after pictures, to deciding on the ultimate type, shape, and size of the implants, we often see husbands being a part of the entire process. While it should always be the woman’s choice to undergo surgery and to shape her ultimate aesthetic goals, having an involved spouse can make the process that much more enjoyable. It’s a little bit like searching for your dream home and picking out features – without the hassle with electricians and roofers, of course.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose bikini top looks the snuggest of all?”

So if your boyfriend asks you to get breast implants because he’d prefer you with a more ample bosom, when you have never given this a thought in your entire life, your relationship def con warnings should probably rise at least one level. But if you find yourself in the Nordstrom changing room this spring, staring, as you do every year, at yet another sad display of a half-filled bikini top that looked so promising on the rack, perhaps it is time to consider doing something about it.

It doesn’t hurt to start looking by scheduling a consultation with your plastic surgeon. You’ll be surprised how many options there are and how exciting it is to start imagining yourself how you’ve always wanted to look.

Whether you bring your husband along or not, he is bound to be happy with the results. Because you will feel more confident, more sparkly, and yes, happier.

And who doesn’t want a happy wife?

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.

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