Angela’s Story

Angela’s Story
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Your New Body with NuBody Lipo

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Angela was particularly happy to eliminate her love handles. Pictures before and 12 weeks after her liposuction at NuBody Concepts

There are many ways to contour your body. On the one end of the spectrum you have the more invasive surgeries that yield almost immediate results, such as the tummy tuck. On the other end you have non-invasive treatments like fat freezing. And right in the middle you have liposuction or what at NuBody Concepts we like to call the Goldilocks treatment. It’s not too invasive, meaning you can expect very little downtime, but it does deliver real results the minute you walk out of your doctor’s office without any need for the repeat treatments required by CoolSculpting or similar non-invasive treatments.

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“NuBody Concepts is a wonderful establishment that truly cares about its patients. They go the extra mile to provide realistic opportunities for clients who desire to enhance their appearance. They are professional, courteous, and supportive. You won’t be disappointed, so call today!”

Angela-profile-picture Angela's Story
Angela B.
Liposuction 12/4/2017
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