Plastic Surgery in Chattanooga

Before and after pictures of woman who had breast augmentation at NuBody ConceptsWomen and men looking for plastic surgery in Chattanooga can easily look fantastic with the NuBody Concepts range of superior plastic surgery services. With two nationally-renowned cosmetic surgery centers in Tennessee, the NuBody Concepts team has the ability to create beautiful and lasting results, whether it is minimally-invasive liposuction, a complete Mommy Makeover, or our miniLift facelift. Led by our board-certified plastic surgeon, we use advanced surgical techniques to sculpt and contour your body in a natural way with a fast recovery. If you are looking for plastic surgery in Chattanooga, call us today and ask for our travel package for out of town patients.

Helping Women and Men in Chattanooga Lose Belly Fat

Liposuction has a long history in plastic surgery, but technology advances over the last decade have made it much easier for patients to achieve the desired results. At NuBody Concepts, we have been able to perfect our Aqualipo® technique over the course of more than 7,000 procedures performed in Tennessee. Having seen a wide variety of patients with different body types and aesthetic goals, we are able to fit our procedure precisely to your needs. And we are known for our gentle approach that lets most patients recover in just a couple of days. From water-based liposuction with the Body Jet to laser liposuction such as SmartLipo, we apply a variety of techniques so that the last remnants of stubborn fat can be removed from you belly and other areas of your body. If you want to lose fat and come away with tighter skin, NuBody Concepts is for you. We can take care of your love handles, muffin tops, bra bulges, and much more!

Look Years Younger with miniLift

When it comes to facial refinement, NuBody Concepts offers several treatment optionsFace lift surgery used to be for movie stars and celebrities, but no longer does it require a long recovery or a large budget. At NuBody Concepts, our board-certified plastic surgeon specializes in laser and radio frequency based technology to give your lower face a boost that takes years off your appearance. No scalpel, no stitches, no scarring – just one gentle procedure that is finished in under an hour. If you are unhappy with your jawline or sagging jowls that have appeared with increasing age, our miniLift procedure is for you. It’s minimally-invasive, but it has maximum impact. Call us now to learn more, and make sure to ask about our travel package if you are an out-of-town patient.