New Year, New Body!

Somehow, and without dissing men, it is always the women who bear the brunt of the holiday-induced stress. We run ourselves ragged to decorate the house, bake cookies, and procure a mountain of presents, and in the process we usually neglect our own bodies until we are absolutely spent. The NuBody Concepts team would like to remind you that it may be time to think of yourself for a change. What could be better than doing something nice for yourself after these holidays?

While in theory the season of giving is a fine sentiment, in reality it has the power to drive us insane. If your household was anything like mine this holiday season, your life leading up to Christmas was utter chaos. Every year I remorsefully wish I had started right after back-to-school shopping. Instead I always end up pulling a series of all-nighters to get it all done.

The Holidays Are a Stressful Time on Body and Soul

Just take buying presents. I have four children and one husband. It’s easy to do the math. Actually, add in another person – me. Because who gives the husband the idea list of what to get, or maybe even goes ahead and buys it so it’s done? Who makes sure there is gift wrap in the house? I say a silent prayer of thanks for Amazon every day. Although it must be said even Amazon can’t always seem to keep their delivery promises before Christmas.

Getting 100+ Holiday cards out the door is another one of those insane projects that is somehow baked into our overachieving supermom identities. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just say no to the entire thing and be forever liberated. Or why, at least, I can’t just do the easy thing and upload a few pictures to Shutterfly and let them deal with the rest.  But I am a Christmas card snob. It has to be some clever and unique design, and it has to include a year-in-review story. This year we re-enacted kid pictures from 15 years ago. Fun, but oh so time-consuming. Licking and addressing envelopes is usually the easy part, helped by a big glass of wine – although it always brings back to mind that Seinfeld episode where George’s fiancé perished from such envelope-licking.

Baking cookies, of all things Christmas, is my favorite part. It brings wonderful smells to my kitchen, it can be done while listening to Audible, and it makes people happy. But it also has me scraping way too many bowls directly into my mouth. I seriously have to stop eating this much sugar sometime soon. I’ll make it my New Year’s Resolution.

I haven’t even touched on all the other holiday-related activities like decorating the tree, making personalized Advent calendars for the kids, and hanging up the lights (which, as per Murphy’s Law, always seems to fall on a day with a howling blizzard).

The Perfect Time to Treat Yourself

You get my drift. The Holidays are the worst time of year for our bodies and souls. We don’t get enough sleep, we eat badly, and we drink too much rushing from one Holiday party to the next without having a chance to enjoy ourselves because another item looms on our never-ending to-do list.

I don’t know the answer to why we do all this to ourselves. But I do know the answer to how you’ll feel better: Do something completely selfish to start the New Year. Something that will make you, and only you, feel absolutely great about yourself. Invest in a new body.

At NuBody Concepts, we’re here to help. Take advantage of our $99/month breast augmentation offer and get yourself new boobs this January. Or perhaps you’d like to remove pesky pockets of fat like your bra bulge or “muffin top” with our boutique customized liposuction, which is also eligible for our $99/month financing offer. Or perhaps you want to start smaller with a little Botox for a younger, fresher face – for just $9/injection.

It’s time to take a deep breath and think about yourself. Get started by scheduling your personal consultation one of our board-certified plastic surgeons – Dr. Rosdeutscher in Nashville, and Dr. Peters in Memphis.

A heartfelt Happy New Year from the NuBody Team to our patients – and to all the women (and men) who run themselves ragged to keep up with the Holiday Season!

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.