How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Non-Surgical Facelift?

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the signs of aging staring back at you? Sagging skin and wrinkles can take a toll on our self-confidence. But the idea of undergoing a surgical facelift can be intimidating. The good news is that cosmetic options to rejuvenate the skin are more available than ever. At NuBody Concepts, a Tennessee-based cosmetic care center, we offer a variety of skincare and non-surgical facelift options that can help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Here we will discuss the various treatments available at our Nashville and Memphis locations, the benefits of minimally-invasive facelifts, and what to expect for recovery and overall results.

Our Facelift Options

Minimally Invasive Facelift Options at NuBody Concepts

At NuBody Concepts, we understand that each individual’s needs and goals are unique. That’s why we offer various minimally invasive facelift options to cater to different concerns. Our non-surgical facelift treatments utilize advanced techniques and technologies to rejuvenate your skin and restore a youthful glow. We have the perfect solution for you, from non-surgical facelifts to injectables and fillers.

NuBody Concepts offers non-surgical facelift options using FaceTite and Renuvion technologies. These radio frequency-assisted lipolysis (RFAL) procedures provide minimally invasive alternatives to traditional facelift surgery. Controlled radiofrequency energy reduces skin laxity, eliminates sagging, and stimulates collagen production. These treatments target aging and sagging skin without surgical incisions. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have over 25 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. They can help you achieve the youthful skin you desire. Our Nashville or Memphis centers offer an initial consultation to discuss your goals and determine the best treatment option for a rejuvenated appearance.

Other popular options include our injectables and fillers, which can effectively target wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss. By strategically placing these dermal fillers, our expert providers can restore lost volume, enhance facial contours, and soften the appearance of wrinkles. At NuBody Concepts, we also recognize the importance of skin care in maintaining a youthful complexion. Our skincare treatments, such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion, can improve skin texture, tone, and glow. These non-invasive procedures work hand in hand with our other facelift options to maximize your results.

What Are the Benefits of a Minimally-Invasive Facelift?

Minimally-invasive facelifts offer several advantages over traditional surgical facelifts. First, they avoid  incisions, sutures, and a lengthy recovery time. You can leave our clinic with a rejuvenated appearance and little to no downtime. This makes non-surgical facelift options convenient for those with busy schedules.

Non-surgical facelifts offer several advantages over surgical procedures, making them safer and less risky. Unlike surgical facelifts that require anesthesia and carry potential complications, these treatments utilize advanced technologies and techniques that minimize risks and ensure a safer experience.

In addition to safety, non-surgical facelifts provide natural-looking results. Our expert providers at NuBody Concepts possess the skills to enhance your features and restore a youthful appearance without making it obvious that you’ve undergone cosmetic work. The goal is to achieve a refreshed version of yourself rather than a completely altered appearance.

Considering cost is also important when contemplating facelift options. Non-surgical facelifts offer an affordable alternative. At NuBody Concepts, this revolutionary procedure starts at $4,900, approximately half the cost of a traditional surgical facelift. We understand the financial aspect of cosmetic goals and provide financing options to help individuals take control of their desired enhancements.

How Long After a Facelift Will I Look Normal?

Results from minimally-invasive facelift procedures can vary based on the individual and specific procedure performed. However, many patients notice significant improvements in their skin’s firmness, texture, and overall appearance. These treatments often reduce wrinkles and fine lines, lift sagging skin, and restore facial volume. You’ll see gradual results, which will continue as more stimuli enhance your collagen production.

A key advantage of RFAL technologies is how long it takes to recover from the facelift. Unlike surgical facelifts that may require weeks of downtime, minimally-invasive procedures at NuBody Concepts allow you to return to your regular activities almost immediately. The recovery duration varies depending on the procedure and your skin’s sensitivity and healing capacity. With minimally invasive RFAL techniques like FaceTite and Renuvion, patients can typically go home on the same day and resume normal activities within 1-2 days. It’s important to note that the extent of your “social recovery” may take 7-10 days. You may want to limit showing your face in public until potential swelling and bruising has subsided. But by opting for a non-surgical facelift with a minimally invasive procedure like RFAL skin tightening, you can quickly resume your daily routine and experience a faster recovery compared to surgical alternatives.

How to Ensure the Best Possible Results

After your non-surgical facelift, your board-certified plastic surgeon will offer post-op instructions. Follow these closely to ensure a smooth recovery and achieve optimal results from your minimally-invasive facelift. They’ll include multiple instructions, including skin care protection and when you can resume strenuous activities. Protect your skin from the sun by wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF (30 or higher) and minimizing sun exposure, as the treated skin may be more sensitive. Our experts recommend maintaining a consistent and healthy skincare routine to nourish, hydrate, and protect your skin for long-lasting results. 

Lastly, during the initial recovery period, avoid strenuous activities or exercises that may increase blood flow to the face to minimize potential swelling or discomfort. Following these guidelines, you can optimize your facelift results and enjoy a smooth recovery experience at NuBody Concepts.

If you’re seeking a solution to reverse the signs of aging without surgery and lengthy recovery periods, NuBody Concepts is here to help. We use RFAL technology at our Nashville and Memphis locations to ensure a minimally invasive facelift that enhances your natural features and creates a younger aesthetic. With the expertise of our skilled providers and the advanced technologies we utilize, you can expect natural-looking results that enhance your features and restore your confidence.

Contact our Nashville or Memphis centers to schedule your consultation with NuBody Concepts. Remember to explore our non-surgical facelift before and after photos to see the transformative results we’ve achieved for our satisfied clients. Together, we can address the problem of aging and help you regain your youthful glow.

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.