My Eyelid Surgery with Brow Lift From Start to Finish. Part One: the Consultation

This is a 3-part series written by NuBody patient Eva G about her eyelid surgery with brow lift performed in November 2021 by Dr. John Rosdeutscher at the NuBody Concepts Nashville practice on Old Hickory Blvd. We invite you to follow her experience all the way from consultation to procedure and recovery. If you have any questions about a blepharoplasty or any cosmetic procedure, please contact us und let us know how we can help!

By NuBody Concepts Nashville patient Eva G.

Plastic surgery wasn’t something I had ever seriously contemplated. I am 54 years old and generally happy with my appearance. Other than laser hair removal on legs, bikini area, and underarm as well as occasional Botox injections few and far between, I have never had anything done.

But my eyelids did bother me slightly. Or rather, eyelid, in the singular. I had one slightly droopy eyelid, so that the fold appears lower than on the other eye. In addition, it pulls down one eyebrow below the other. It’s not a physical handicap at all (some people have such droopy eyelids it impairs their vision), just a cosmetic imperfection I didn’t like.

NuBody Concepts patient Eva G., picture taken pre-op Nov 30, 2021

Still, I probably never would have done anything about it had my passport not expired earlier that year. I went to have pictures taken. Got them printed, and promptly paid the fee again to get new ones done while trying to raise my eyebrows just so. There was no way I wanted that picture in my passport for the next 10 years.

What to Know About Eyelid Surgery Consultatons

Making the Decision is Often the Hardest Part

As fate would have it, it just so happened that a day later I went to my skincare appointment with Diane at NuBody Concepts Nashville. She told me she had had eyelid surgery a few weeks prior, and I was blown away. Her eyes looked stunning, and even this soon after her surgery you couldn’t detect any scarring.

I proceeded to quiz her about the procedure and her recovery regimen afterwards, what kind of bruising and swelling she experienced and how much downtime I should factor in. She showed me some pictures and it looked so much better than I would have expected. That very day I booked a consultation with Darla, NuBody Concept’s Medical Consultant, and their plastic surgeon Dr. Rosdeutscher. 

Just like that, I went from iffy about plastic surgery to kind of excited!

Bring Your Questions to Your Consultation

The consultation went great. The Nubody staff is lovely and everyone takes all the time you need to answer questions. At no point do you feel rushed in any way. I would say make sure you think about your upcoming consultation beforehand and the questions you may have, because this is the time to ask away. How exactly does the anesthesia work, how long should I plan for my recovery, will you be able to adjust for the asymmetry of my eyes?

I first met with Darla and Dr. Rosdeutscher together to talk about my goals and explain the steps he would take, and then Darla and I discussed details some more between the two of us and completed the paperwork.

There are consent forms to sign for any cosmetic procedure to make sure you have been told and understand the process as well as its risks. You also receive both the pre-op and post-op instructions and can ask any questions about them (though those will be given and explained to you again later in the process). You are also asked to choose whether you want to make your before and after photos available for use on their website.

Should You Combine Your Eyelid Surgery With Something Else?

I almost forgot: Diane had also told me that she had her eyelid surgery together with a brow lift. I had no idea that this is commonly done, but it makes sense. When you remove extra skin from above the eye, it shortens the gap, in a way. Meaning your brows may appear even lower than before. Given that at this age most people’s brows have sagged on their own accord, it is aesthetically much more pleasing to lift the eyebrows at the same time.

The doctor confirmed this during my consultation. He showed me how a woman’s brow is typically arched (or rather how we typically find it pleasing to be arched), and mine definitely had too much of a brooding look. Again, I also. had a slight asymmetry between left and right eyebrow, so lifting them both was the only option to get them on a more level plane.

There was another quality I appreciated during my consultation. Dr. Rosdeutscher explained that more or less everyone has an asymmetrical body. It’s what makes us unique. And that it is near impossible to achieve true perfection, whatever we mean by that. He said he would definitely lift the brow that needed it more higher, but that an absolutely level look could not be guaranteed. He was, however, very sure that I’d be much happier afterwards!

My procedure was booked for November 30, 2021, just after Thanksgiving. I am actually from out of town as I recently moved away from Nashville, but had friends and family I could stay with in extension of the holiday. Which is something I can highly recommend doing, because when staying with a friend you will be pampered during your recovery like you would never be at your own house. 😃

Next up: Part Two: the Procedure

Each patient is unique. What your treatment will look like is determined by you and the plastic surgeon who you will meet with in a personal consultation.