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#1 Aqualipo Doctors in Tennessee

Amazing Results Everyone Will Notice

The procedure was truly worth me making
the 120 mile trip to have Aqualipo done....

I was shocked at my results......
I went from a size 14 to a size 10
- Stephanie

This is the best decision I have ever made...
for the very first time in my life..
I actually feel great about the way I look!

Popular Procedures

These procedures are the best and most loved by our customers.


Know our experienced team of Cosmetic Surgeons. Customer satisfaction is their goal.
David T. Conner M.D.
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David Conner M.D. has become a pioneer in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine. Having been trained by some of the leading pioneers in cosmetic surgery, he has become the # 1 Aqualipo® surgeon in Memphis, and the # 2 in the State of Tennessee. Dr. Conner is regarded for his advanced training in cosmetic surgery and has been trained to perform a variety of procedures

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Trey W. Emerson M.D.
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Trey Emerson M.D.  has been specializing in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery for over a decade now. He is the leading liposuction doctor in the State of Tennessee, and has done more than anyone else in the state, making him the # 1 liposuction surgeon in the State of  Tennessee. Trey Emerson M.D. has performed the 2nd most Aqualipo® liposuction procedures in the world.

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