Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing to remove unwanted body hair can be such cumbersome and repetitive tasks, eating into your valuable time every single day. Even worse, continuous shaving may lead to uncomfortable and even serious issues like razor burn, ingrown hairs, and cysts. Whether it is your armpits, bikini area, chest, back, face, arms, or legs, wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of excess body hair once and for all?

Thanks to modern laser technology, we can help you achieve permanent hair removal. All you need are anywhere from three to six laser hair removal sessions. With our help, you can say goodbye to razors as well as painful and expensive waxing treatments. The laser hair removal procedure at NuBody Concepts* lets you take care of embarrassing or unwanted body hair safely, quickly and comfortably.

*Laser hair removal is only offered at our Brentwood location.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

woman undergoing laser hair removal at a medusa or plastic surgery practiceLaser hair removal is a medical treatment and requires the oversight of licensed professionals like those at NuBody Concepts. Our plastic surgeon and registered nurses have extensive experience performing a variety of body contouring and skin rejuvenation procedures. You may have concerns about the safety of laser treatments, but lasers have been FDA-approved and in use for cosmetic enhancement procedures over many years.

During your laser hair removal session, our aesthetician uses a specialized laser wand to pinpoint each unwanted hair and eliminate it at the follicle level. The laser is essentially a concentrated light that turns into heat and zaps the hair at its root. Most people experience a very brief stinging sensation each time the laser is applied, but you may feel further discomfort depending on circumstance. There is typically less discomfort than with waxing—and bear in mind that laser hair removal, unlike waxing, produces permanent results.

We use dual-wavelength Cynosure Apogee lasers for all our hair removal procedures. They are suitable for all skin types and also feature a SmartCool® cooling system to make the process more comfortable and nearly pain-free. The Apogee generates as much as 80% permanent hair reduction after the first three treatments.

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments.During each treatment, progressively more hair is removed. You’ll see the biggest effect after the second or third tr

woman in white bikini sunning herself on a beach

eatment, but achieving completely hair-free and smooth skin typically requires up to six treatments.

Because everyone’s skin and hair growth patterns are different, the exact timeframe of your entire treatment will depend on a variety of factors. Your age, height, dietary habits, and even ethnicity may affect hair production. For best results, let our aesthetician evaluate your skin and hair condition along with your needs to determine a treatment plan that works for you. Our comprehensive skin evaluations are designed to give us a better picture of the location and thickness of your unwanted hair so that we can plan accordingly.

Most people enjoy the full effects of laser hair removal during the course of six sessions spaced out in 4-week intervals. Pricing for laser hair removal varies depending on the desired area and can be discussed during your personal consultation or over the phone. Facial hair removal as well as underarm and bikini lasers are considered small areas that can be treated in as little time as 15 minutes per session, and legs and arms are considered larger areas that take longer sessions to treat.

Say goodbye to your razors. Say goodbye to long hours spent on tedious hair removal the old-fashioned way. Say hello to silky-smooth skin around the clock. You will love your new look and feel so much better that you’ll wonder why you’ve waited this long!