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Plastic Surgery in West Memphis

Before and After picture female Brazilian Butt Lift procedure at NuBody ConceptsNuBody Concepts provides plastic surgery in West Memphis and the greater Memphis area out of our Germantown surgery center. Whether it is our popular minimally-invasive NuBody Liposuction procedure, a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, hair transplant, or face lift, we can help you achieve the aesthetic look you desire. Our board-certified plastic surgeon would love to meet with you during a personal consultation to discuss which of our plastic surgery procedures best meets your goals.  

Leading Provider Of Liposuction In West Memphis

We want West Memphis residents to feel comfortable in their skin. If you’re struggling with losing weight and feel the need to hide your body, we can help. You deserve to look great and feel confident in your appearance. With NuBody Liposuction, our groundbreaking liposuction procedure, we can remove unwanted fat using the natural power of water. This process is less aggressive than traditional liposuction, causing less trauma to surrounding tissue and allowing you to recover within just one or two days. Many patients schedule their procedure before the weekend so that they have almost no downtime.

Our water-based liposuction technique is so gentle on the body that the extracted fat cells can be re-used as a filler in other parts of your body, such as the hands, breasts, and buttocks. The latter procedure is more commonly known as a Brazilian Butt Lift

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Plastic Surgeon in West Memphis for Female Rejuvenation

When we think of plastic surgery, we mostly think of procedures to enhance our outer appearance. Looking good makes us feel good. But there are a growing number of women who are looking for other ways to feel better about their bodies, without any visible change in appearance. Cosmetic procedures known as female rejuvenation, or also vaginal rejuvenation, have grown in popularity over recent years. 

As women age or go through pregnancy and childbirth, their vaginas undergo drastic change. The vaginal wall becomes less firm and the vaginal canal less tight. This can lead to less sexual satisfaction and even other related problems, like mild incontinence. Female or vaginal rejuvenation devices, such as ThermiVa,  have come onto the market to address these problems. They are entirely non-invasive and pain-free treatments that tighten the vaginal wall with radio frequency generated heat. 

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