Plastic Surgery Procedures in Smyrna

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If you’re looking for a good plastic surgeon in Smyrna, then NuBody Concepts has you covered. We have two nationally renowned plastic surgery facilities in Tennessee. Our plastic surgeon uses advanced techniques and innovative anesthesia methods and has a proven track record of developing exceptionally sculpted and beautiful results. Our highly skilled physicians are dedicated to providing you with amazing comfort and the best procedures available.

Slim Down With Plastic Surgery in Smyrna

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss and can’t seem to make any progress, then NuBody Concepts has the solution for you. We are Tennessee’s only certified provider of Aqualipo, an advanced liposuction technique that uses waterjet technology to remove fat cells form the body. The benefits of Aqualipo include minimal downtime, lower medical risks, less bruising, and less swelling than the traditional method. It provides superior and long lasting results as well.

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Elevate Your Breasts With Breast Augmentation

The Aqualipo method to remove fat is so gentle, the excess fat cells can be used to increase curves in other areas of the body, including your breasts. If you are unpleased with the size or shape of your breasts, then our NaturalFill Breast Augmentation can help you look great and feel better about yourself.

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