Face Lift

Look and Feel Years Younger through a NuBody Face Lift

As you get older, your skin may lose its elasticity and start to show signs of aging. If you want to improve the look and feel of your face—whether around the eyes, chin, brows, or all of the above—we would love to help you. Our experienced plastic surgery team is known to create personalized and beautiful results for men and women of all ages. Learn more about how we can improve the appearance of your face and make you look years younger, either through a surgical face lift or our NaturalFill fat transfer procedure. Contact us to set up a consultation. We’d love to answer any questions and address your specific concerns.

Tighten and Smooth Your Skin Through a Surgical Face Lift

If your skin is showing signs of aging—wrinkles, loose skin, excess fat deposits, or creases—you may be an ideal candidate for a surgical face lift. Our cosmetic surgery team has years of experience creating beautiful, lasting results for our patients. We use a combination of IV sedation and local anesthesia when performing our face lift procedures to increase your comfort and promote a faster recovery. Using advanced surgical techniques, we can tighten the skin on your face, while repositioning the muscles, skin, and fat for a younger, more aesthetic appearance.

Get a Natural Face Lift Through NaturalFill® for Face

NaturalFill® fat transfer is an innovative technique that uses your body’s own natural fat to help smooth facial wrinkles and lines and improve facial contouring. Natural fat helps our skin look supple, fresh and young. But as we age, fat is depleted, and the skin loses elasticity. As a result, facial lines, wrinkles and folds can form, while cheeks can begin to look hollowed and gaunt. The overall effect is a tired, worn out, and older appearance. With NaturalFill, you can alleviate these signs of aging and bring back the rosy, full glow of youth. And the best part is, all this is done by using your body’s own fat cells without any need to inject foreign substances.