The Newest Innovation in Facelift Technology

We strongly believe that how you feel is much more important than your age. However, we also realize that your outer appearance may not always reflect just how happy and full of life you are on the inside. As part of the aging process, you may lose some of your skin’s elasticity and start to show visible signs of aging. Wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines can be natural, but unwelcome, indicators.


Our goal is to help men look just as great on the outside as they feel on the inside. If you are frustrated with the signs of aging on your face, our minimally-invasive LazerLift procedure may be exactly the solution you’re looking for. We use a revolutionary laser technology to help you achieve a younger-looking appearance with fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and a more defined jawline. Best of all: This can all be achieved in as little as 30 minutes!

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How LazerLift Can Make You Look Years Younger

In the past, the only way to achieve a younger and tighter face was through face lift surgery or neck lift surgery. While surgery is a viable option for many patients, LazerLift offers a less-invasive, faster alternative with less downtime, without the risk associated with general anesthesia, and without the need for invasive surgery. We’re able to deliver fantastic, long-lasting results using precision and high-energy laser technology. LazerLift makes it possible to turn back the clock and take years off your appearance, giving you a more defined jawline and smoother, tighter skin.

Here’s how it works. Our laser is equipped with ThermaGuide™, a system that lets us get real-time temperature feedback to achieve maximum results without overheating. We target your excess skin with exactly timed doses of laser energy to tighten your skin and promote tissue regeneration. This allows for great results with very little downtime, while promoting improved skin for months to follow.

What to Expect During Your LazerLift Appointment

We use intramuscular sedation to ensure your comfort and relax the area(s) to be treated. Your doctor will then introduce the laser through tiny, inconspicuous skin nicks. This eliminates the need for cutting or stitches, resulting in no scarring and quicker healing. After just one session, you’ll be looking and feeling younger than you have in years.

Expected LazerLift Results


LazerLift is designed to tighten the skin on your face while improving its tone and texture, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Specifically, LazerLift achieves:

  • Reduced sagging
  • Improved definition of jawline
  • Restoration of youthful curve to the neck
  • Elimination of “turkey neck”
  • Elimination of hanging jowls

It may take 3–6 months for the full results of a LazerLift procedure to take effect, but most patients notice a rejuvenated look after just a few days. And, unlike other non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments such as Juvederm fillers or BOTOX injections, LazerLift requires no recurring appointments to maintain your new look. You come in once for your procedure lasting 30 minutes or less, and you get natural-looking results giving you years of a more youthful appearance!