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Every day, we help men of all body types and shapes gain a new look and new confidence. Select a procedure below to see before and after pictures, read testimonials, and listen to real patients of NuBody Concepts.

“The procedure here at the Hair Doctor was light years beyond the procedure I’d had in the past. It was so simple. It was so much better. When I had the old procedure, I didn’t want to tell anybody about it, because I wasn’t satisfied with the results and didn’t want to recommend to anyone to go through with that. NeoGraft was so much better than that: It was simpler, it was quicker, it was better, there was very little recovery time, there were no stitches. This, to me, is the only way to go.”


Plastic Surgery Success Stories Told in Before and After Pictures

At NuBody Concepts we take pride in the body contouring results our patients achieve. It is hard to tell who is happier when a patient comes in for their follow-up appointment and we compare the before-and after pictures – the patient or our staff. Before and after pictures can tell a wonderful story, and we really enjoy when you share that story with us. 

Nothing boosts your self-confidence as much as looking in the mirror and feeling good about yourself, and plastic surgery can be a big contributor to feeling good. Whether you’ve had liposuction, a male breast reduction, a face lift, or a hair transplant – comparing your before and after pictures reminds you of where you came from and what you’ve accomplished. 

NuBody Concepts male liposuction patient showing loose pants at 8-week checkup

2016 NuBody Concepts patient 8 weeks after his liposuction procedure

You might have worked hard at losing weight, and that’s commendable. But weight loss by itself often doesn’t translate into the look you desire. And comparing your before and after weight is not the best indicator of the success of the procedure you’ve had. Liposuction in particular is not a weight loss program, contrary to common belief. 

If you undergo liposuction, going down one or two pant sizes is a much better validation of your procedure than weight loss. In other cases, a smaller pant size may not be your main goal Fat removal programs can be so targeted on particular areas of your body that the effects are more subtle, like getting rid of pesky bulges in the wrong places. A male breast reduction is a very popular procedure for men and can often be done without surgery in a minimally-invasive manner.

We hope that our collection of before and after pictures of real NuBody
Concepts patients will help you imagine what your own after-picture might look like!

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