Orbera Balloon

Non-surgical procedure for weight loss by learning portion control & better eating habits

Weight Loss That Works

If you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are not getting the results you want, it may be time for the Orbera® Weight Loss program!

Orbera® is a gastric balloon that supports portion control and better eating habits, with an average weight loss of 30 to 50 lbs* within 6 months. And it does not require surgery!

“I tried everything I knew about. Every diet. I tried pills. I tried hypnotherapy. You name it, I did it. And then I just happened to stumble upon the Orbera gastric balloon.”

Orbera patient Lindsay, lost 54 lbs in 6 months

woman before and after her Orbera weight-loss balloon procedure

Lose Weight With ORBERA: as Easy as 1-2-3!

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Learn how this 6-month gastric balloon is life-changing

Spend 6 months losing weight and learning portion control


After 6 months, keep enjoying the benefits of 30-50 lbs less weight and living life with new-found energy!

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How ORBERA Works

  • Orbera balloon takes up space in stomach to reduce feelings of hunger.
  • Patients on average lose 3x the weight of diet and exercise alone
  • Designed to last 6 months.
  • Patients learn to adopt healthy eating habits with portion control and coaching by a dietician
  • Both placement and removal of the balloon are non-surgical procedures of 30 minutes or less.
  • No stitches or sutures.
  • Lose and keep off 30-50 lbs or more!*
  • Candidates need BMI in 30-40 range. Calculate your BMI.
  • SPECIAL OFFER until 3/31//2023: Get $500 OFF Orbera!

For complete procedure and safety information, download the Orbera patient booklet.

Before & After

Weight-loss balloon before and after picture of NuBody Concepts patient
This patient in her mid-thirties lost 35 lbs with the ORBERA balloon in 6 months. Results may vary and are not guaranteed.
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woman before and after her Orbera weight-loss balloon procedure

“What about those weight loss shots everyone is talking about – aren’t they a cheaper option to lose weight?”

ORBERA allows you to achieve a weight-loss reset while at the same time supporting a healthy eating and lifestyle modification. Because you are teaching your body new habits, your weight loss can last way beyond the duration of the program itself.

By contrast, weight-loss injections have several downsides:

  • The patient has to stay on the drug to keep down the weight; as soon as most patients get off the drug, they can experience a rebound weight-gain.
  • These drugs are heavily discounted to capture the market, but after the initial promo period they cost approximately $1,000 per month.
  • There is limited long-term data around weight-loss for these drugs since they were developed as diabetes treatments.
  • Patients may experience side effects related to GI symptoms with these medications.

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Orbera Payment Plan

Visit our Payment Options for a free credit score check, plus links to our approved lenders – each varies slightly in their credit score cutoff. When approved, bring your lender account information to your consultation.

NuBody Concepts cosmetic surgery prices are all-inclusive – no hidden fees or surcharges!

How the Orbera Weight-Loss Balloon works
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*Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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