Liposuction vs Coolsculpting

Fat Reduction: NuBody Liposuction or CoolSculpting?

If you ask yourself whether liposuction or Coolsculpting is the better approach to get rid of unwanted fat, some basic facts are important to know.

Coolsculpting is a heavily marketed procedure that aims to reduce the amount of unwanted fat in your body. This technology is intended to target your fat cells by freezing and squeezing them, so that with time they can be broken down and naturally eliminated by your body. However, there is no way to gauge how much fat has been destroyed when you have finished a coolsculpting session. This is different with liposuction, where you leave your doctor’s office with a lot less fat than you walked in with. If you so wish, you could even take it home in a jar!

While Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment, it is not pain-free. Cooling down your body to near-freezing temperatures has been reported to be quite uncomfortable. It’s also not a one-and-done deal but rather takes a series of repeat visits to complete.

Again, consider NuBody liposuction as the alternative: By using water to flush our excess body fat, your physician is able to administer a slight local anesthetic into the water stream. This makes the procedure very easy and comfortable. Imagine having a pleasant two-hour conversation with your surgeon while your fat is pumped away to be permanently eliminated. No repeats necessary.


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Leave the building and leave your fat cells behind

Rather than undergo a series of repeat Coolsculpting treatments, you should consider a superior procedure that is performed by a physician: NuBody Liposuction. In the past, liposuction was an uncomfortable and traumatic procedure, but modern technology has made those concerns obsolete. Unique water-jet technology can dislodge and simultaneously suction fat cells from the body with greater accuracy and significantly less force than older liposuction techniques. Unlike Coolculpting, NuBody Liposuction permanently removes the fat from your body in just one sitting.

While treatments like laser liposuction or Coolsculpting sound great in theory, they have drawbacks: Your fat cells are not removed from your body, repeat treatments are most likely needed, and Coolsculpting can be performed by someone other than a doctor; in many cases a doctor is not even on the premises.

You may think it’s worth the wait if you can avoid surgery. But NuBody Liposuction is so minimally-invasive and gentle, it can hardly be called surgery. It’s so fast that most patients are back to work and their regular activities within two days. And it is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon or another physician with full medical training.

Fat Gone in One Single Safe Procedure

It’s that simple. Do you want to be rid of your excess fat once and for all? Then call the liposuction experts. With over 5,000 procedures performed by our doctors, including our board-certified plastic surgeon, NuBody Concepts is a leading liposuction provider in Tennessee.

There is no better time to get started than now. Schedule your personal consultation today, have your NuBody Liposuction procedure next week, and go swimsuit shopping the next morning!