Liposuction Memphis

Liposuction From a Leading Provider in Memphis 

Are you struggling with excess body fat, no matter how hard you diet and exercise? 

You’re not alone. Men and women of all ages struggle with stubborn fat. Weight loss alone is often not sufficient to give you back your toned and youthful figure. Fortunately, liposuction can effectively and permanently get rid of your excess body fat. And in liposuction, experience counts. There are many providers offering body contouring services in the Memphis area, but what you need is a plastic surgery team that can deliver results in just one procedure with minimal downtime.

The experienced plastic surgery team at NuBody Concepts Germantown can custom-tailor a liposuction package for you that best meets your needs. We call it NuBody Liposuction: the lipo that works to get you a new body. If you live in the greater Memphis area, contact us for a personal consultation.

The NuBody Liposuction Difference

If you’re looking for quality liposuction in Memphis, go with the plastic surgery team that has the most experience. NuBody Concepts has helped countless women and men in the Memphis area regain a sense of confidence in their body with proven methods like Aqualipo, SmartLipo, and other approaches. We call it NuBody Liposuction – personalized for you to get you your NuBody new body. Now available right in the heart of Germantown within easy reach of all of Greater Memphis.

But perhaps you shy away from surgery, even if it’s minimally-invasive with a short recover? Most of our patients felt that way. But once they saw their results, they also typically regretted not coming to us earlier. Jessica, one of our patients and a mother of four, was ecstatic about her results measured in pants size:

“I was able to put on a pair of jeans I wore when I was 16.”

If you are enviously eyeing a smaller pant size, you could be our next Jessica. Give us a call!

NuBody Lipo


Benefits of NuBody Liposuction Memphis

More traditional methods of liposuction use force to pry away unwanted fat cells, which can result in bruising and swelling. Using the natural power of water combined with laser liposuction, NuBody Liposuction requires less force and removes fat cells with greater accuracy. This poses less risk of damage to surrounding tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. Other benefits of NuBody Liposuction over traditional liposuction:

  • NO general anesthesia
  • Faster recovery with less downtime
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Superior and lasting results