NuBody Liposuction

Eliminate Your Problem Areas With NuBody Liposuction

If you have problem areas that just won’t go away, no matter how much you’ve dieted and exercised, NuBody Liposuction is the answer. It is a personalized procedure that combines the natural power of water with the latest in laser and even newer radio frequency technology. More aggressive traditional methods can disrupt connective tissue and leave you bruised and unevenly toned. At NuBody Concepts, our focus is to dislodge your excess fat gently without unnecessary trauma. Once you have selected a target area of your body, our board-certified plastic surgeon continually sculpts and contours that area for a fine-tuned result. Multiple areas can be combined into one procedure.

Muffin tops, love handles, bra bulges – thanks to NuBody Concepts, you don’t have to live with them. If you’ve done your research, you might find that other providers offer one size fits all approaches to remove fat from your midsection. Not at NuBody Concepts. We can give you superior and long-lasting body contouring results for almost any part of your body. By using the gentle power of water to dislodge fat, we an target it in smaller areas that traditional liposuction can’t reach. Best of all, we do it without general anesthesia—it’s safe, it’s comfortable, and there is minimal downtime.

What Makes NuBody Liposuction Unique

Nubody-liposuction-page-content NuBody Liposuction Our  lipo procedure is tailored to the individual needs of our patients. It is based on our surgeons’ extensive experience using a combination of different technologies and methods, such as Aqualipo, Body Jet, and SmartLipo. The Body Jet can dislodge and simultaneously suction a large amount of fat cells from the body with greater accuracy and significantly less force than older lipo techniques. The gentle power of water does most of the work while it limits trauma to surrounding tissue. This is important because it means you will bruise a lot less than with “old school” liposuction. In addition, our surgeon may choose to use laser lipo or even newer radio frequency technology to ensure the removal of even the most stubborn unwanted fat. These methods target fat cells that couldn’t be reached with the water jet, and they help tighten your skin. Removing fat from your body without targeting the resulting skin won’t give you the results you are looking for. This combination of fat removal techniques is also commonly referred to as Aqualipo. NuBody Concepts was the first plastic surgery practice to bring this revolutionary approach to Tennessee. With over 7,000 procedures performed, we soon became the leading Aqualipo provider in the United States. With NuBody Liposuction, we have now taken our experience to a new level and incorporated newer techniques, such as the use of RF energy. We strive to constantly stay at the leading edge of technology to continue to provide outstanding results in body contouring.

Areas That Can Be Targeted With NuBody Liposuction

Most people think of liposuction as a way to lose weight by shedding fat from their abdomen. While this is certainly an area may patients choose for their procedure, liposuction is not a weight loss program. The goal is simply fat removal, particularly that stubborn fat that doesn’t budge however much we diet and exercise. What you may not know is that NuBody Lipo allows us to target virtually any area of your body, even small areas of fat you might have given up on. Getting rid of belly fat is great, but there is more. Wherever you have extra fat you’re unhappy about, whether it is a result of giving birth, aging, or your genetic disposition in general, we can help. Get NuBody Liposuction to target:

  • “muffin top”
  • “love handles”
  • “saddlebags”
  • bra bulges
  • tummy flab
  • double chin or jowls
  • inner and outer thighs
  • knees
  • any other area with stubborn fat

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NuBody Liposuction vs Coolsculpting

woman-measuring-her-waist-after-getting-a-tummy-tuck-with-aqualipo-aqualipo NuBody LiposuctionWhen it comes to body contouring, there are alternatives to liposuction. CoolSculpting is one popular procedure for fat reduction. It targets your fat cells by freezing and squeezing them using a technology called Cryolipolysis. Over the course of the following weeks, your body naturally eliminates these fat cells. The drawback is that your fat cells are not immediately gone after the procedure, and repeat treatments may be needed. Compared to fat reduction with CoolSculpting, NuBody Liposuction delivers better results, and faster. Learn more about the differences by following the link.

Liposuction vs Coolsculpting

Why Our Patients Choose Us

liposuction-page-content NuBody LiposuctionThe most common reason our patients give for not having liposuction earlier is their fear of an invasive procedure. After they see how easy it is, they regret waiting so long. They love that there is no general anesthesia, minimal bruising, and no lengthy recovery period. Overall, these are the advantages you get at NuBody Concepts:

  • No general anesthesia
  • Low medical risk
  • Minimal downtime, faster recovery
  • Less trauma to surrounding tissue
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Superior, long-lasting results


What our Patients Say

“Like so many of us wise now in middle age (I am 48), I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. After four children and years of letting myself go, I was seeing no changes to my fat deposits and hanging skin. I wanted to change everything and finally acknowledged that I needed help. My experiences have been FANTASTIC with NuBody Brentwood and their wonderful staff. This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years.” Lizzie K., Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift