Minimally-Invasive Plastic Surgery in Murfreesboro

Before and after picture of woman after non-surgical face liftWe are only as old as we feel, so the saying goes, but often how we feel about ourselves is determined by our appearance. As our body ages, achieving a younger appearance can do wonders for our sense of well-being and self-confidence.

With two cosmetic surgery facilities in Tennessee, one of them located in Nashville serving the Murfreesboro area, Nubody Concepts has helped thousands of women and men feel great about their bodies by providing minimally-invasive procedures such as liposuction, fat transfer, non-surgical face lifts, and hair transplants. Our cosmetic surgery team has years of experience putting together customized body sculpting procedures that best fit your needs.

Look Years Younger with a Non-Surgical Face Lift Murfreesboro

As our bodies age, our faces often betray the first visible signs. The skin loses its elasticity and can begin to sag and form wrinkles. While some men and women find a face lift to be the perfect answer, we believe that you don’t have to resort to surgery to look great. NuBody Lift, our easy, no-hassle face lift can make you look years younger without the strain and time investment of full-on surgery. Using laser and radio frequency energy, our physicians can tighten your facial skin in under an hour in one minimally-invasive procedure that has you back to work and play in almost no time at all. NuBody Lift is particularly effective on the neck and jowls, restoring your jawline to a younger version of you.

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Regrow Your Hair with NeoGraft in Murfreesboro

Another area that can show our age faster than any other is our hair. Thinning hair and hair loss can affect women as well as men, and can have many reasons – aging is just one of them.

Whatever the cause of your hair loss, you don’t have to resign yourself to your receding hairline. Hair transplants are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures and have come a long way in the last decade. And thanks to the NeoGraft technology, our hair transplants at NuBody Concepts achieve great results without major hassle. No scalpels, no stitches, no linear scar – just a one-time procedure in which our technician meticulously transplants individual follicles of hair from one area of your scalp to another. NeoGraft is the proven way to look younger again!

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