NuBody Fat Transfer FAQ

Answers to All of Your NuBody Fat Transfer Questions

Fat transfer techniques vary among surgeons, and the technique your surgeon uses will significantly affect your results. The NuBody Fat Transfer technique is personalized to your situation and designed to get the purest fat possible to be transferred, resulting in a more beautiful and longer-lasting outcome.

What are the benefits of NuBody Fat Transfer over other procedures?

Using the latest advances in liposuction techniques, our doctors are now able to harvest natural fat cells through a process gentle enough to keep fat cells intact and ready for immediate transfer. Our fat transfer procedure is a very safe and natural way to achieve the look you desire. It allows you to transfer fat from where you don’t want it to areas of your body that you’d like to shape and contour for a more aesthetic figure, or to provide fullness where aging or gravity have taken a toll.

By using your own natural fat cells, NuBody Fat Transfer reduces the risk of allergic reaction, infection or other complications that can occur when you introduce foreign substances into the body.

NuBody Fat Transfer for Breast FAQ

How does NuBody Fat Transfer for Breast work?

Intact fat cells are gently flushed from the body in targeted areas using our liposuction equipment and then immediately injected via a closed circuit into selected areas of the breast. There’s no need to wait for a lengthy centrifuge process in order to prepare the fat for transfer as is the case with more traditional methods, and since there’s no need for general anesthesia, downtime is minimized. Because the fat cells never leave the closed circuit of the body jet machine, they are of a very high quality, resulting in a much higher yield than traditional liposuction and fat transfer methods.

Can I use any kind of liposuction to enhance my breasts?

The only kind of liposuction that does not yield enough intact fat for grafting is Ultrasonic or laser lipo. We have found that our liposuction procedure using the powerful, yet gentle, force of the Body Jet water jet yields the best quality of transferable fat cells. to be injected into your breast or other target area.

How is NuBody Fat Transfer for Breast different from breast implants?

With NuBody Fat Transfer, you are using your own natural fat to enhance your breasts instead of implants. The fat injections performed by our Nashville or Memphis surgeons can give breasts a softer, smoother and natural-looking appearance. With liposuction and fat transfer you can achieve fuller breasts and a slimmer look elsewhere, such as your tummy and thighs. By offering breast enhancements using both fat transfer and implants, we are able to tailor each customized procedure to the best results for the individual patient.

Can I have a NuBody Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement if I already have breast implants?

Yes. Our Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement may be used in addition to implants, or at a later time, to correct irregularities, correct asymmetry, and smooth out visible edges around implants. If you’ve had surgery with implants in the past and aren’t happy with the outcome, make an appointment with a medical consultant at NuBody Concepts to discuss how NaturalFill can help improve your breast contour and volume.

When is Fat Transfer for Breast not recommended?

The NuBody Fat Transfer procedure relies on the amount of fat available to be harvested. Depending on the shape of your tummy and surrounding areas as well as the desired volume of your breasts, you may not have enough fat reserves to make this work. Most people would say that’s not a bad problem to have, as it means you probably already have an aesthetically pleasing figure.

NuBody Fat Transfer for Face FAQ

How is NuBody Fat Transfer for Face different from cosmetic injectables like Juvederm?

NuBody Fat Transfer for Face uses your body’s own natural fat to fill in lines and wrinkles, improve contour and restore fullness. The natural fat will give you a softer, more natural looking appearance. With temporary hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen injections, patients must return frequently for new treatments to maintain results, typically as often as every six to nine months. With NuBody Fat Transfer, much of the transferred fat will remain for years, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance treatments.

NuBody Fat Transfer for Buttocks FAQ

Will I need to get implants if I have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

No. For our Brazilian Butt Lifts we use the NuBody Fat Transfer procedure which extracts fat from one area of your body, such as the waistline or thighs, and transfers it to you buttocks as a natural filler.

NuBody Fat Transfer for Hands FAQ

How does NuBody Fat Transfer for Hands differ from injectables and collagen?

The simple beauty of a NuBody Fat Transfer Hand Rejuvenation is that it uses natural “ingredients”, meaning your own body’s fat cells. There is no need for fillers, injections, or any other foreign substance to enter your body; therefore, you are not subject to any complications or infection that might be brought on by such substances. There is also no need to return periodically for repeated treatments to maintain your results, as you would be subject to every 6-9 months with a collagen injection or similar cosmetic treatment. NuBody Fat Transfer is a one-time procedure with a lasting, natural-looking outcome.