LazerLift FAQ

Answers to All of Your LazerLift Questions

LazerLift is the newest innovation in facelift technology, providing a non-invasive option for anyone looking to rejuvenate the look and feel of their face without the downtime and cost of a traditional face lift. Using revolutionary laser applications that won’t leave scars, LazerLift tightens the lower face and neck for a more youthful appearance. But how does it work? We’ll answer all of the most common LazerLift questions below.

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How is LazerLift different from a traditional face lift?

LazerLift is a much less invasive procedure than a traditional face lift. It typically takes only 30 minutes and delivers great results. There is considerably less downtime, the procedure requires no anesthesia, and the recovery is much faster.

Will LazerLift leave any scars?

No. LazerLift is a non-surgical procedure—without incisions, sutures, or scars.

How much downtime should I expect with a LazerLift?

Typically, patients can expect a couple days of a bit of swelling, during which they are encouraged to wear a special garment that ensures the best results. Because LazerLift is minimally invasive,​ there is much less downtime than with a traditional face lift.

Is LazerLift painful?

Patients may experience slight discomfort from the insertion and movement of the laser. Before your LazerLift procedure, your surgeon will numb the area to be treated. If needed, ​he will use additional sedation options to help you feel ​more ​comfortable during the procedure.

​Are the results permanent or do you need repeat treatments (similar to Botox)?

Neither LazerLift nor a traditional facelift is truly permanent. However, LazerLift patients can expect several years of a more youthful look before beginning to see new signs of aging.

Is LazerLift a good way to eliminate wrinkles in my face?

The main focus of LazerLift is the face from the nose and below. Specifically, it treats jowling, loose skin around the neck (often called “turkey neck”), and the jawline. See our Before & After pictures for examples​ of​ how LazerLift can give you a more defined jawline and eliminate loose skin around the jowls. LazerLift is not typically used to simply treat wrinkles. Other procedures like BOTOX or Juvederm are better suited for wrinkles and lines, especially wrinkles around the nasal folds and lines on the forehead.

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