Breast Augmentation FAQ

Answers to All of Your Breast Augmentation Questions

Breast augmentations are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. At NuBody Concepts, we use advanced anesthesia methods to deliver the great results you expect while minimizing your downtime. While the idea of fuller curves and a bigger cup size appeals to most women, you may nevertheless hesitate about undergoing elective surgery. How safe is it? How long will I take to recover? Implants or no implants? Find answers to the most frequently asked breast augmentation questions below. If you have additional questions, please call or schedule a consultation.

What types of breast augmentation can I choose from?

Basically, there are three types of breast surgery: 1) Traditional breast augmentation using implants; 2) A breast lift without using implants; and 3) NuBody Fat Transfer for Breast, a procedure used in conjunction with our popular NuBody Liposuction procedure that allows our surgeon to eliminate fat from one area of your body and inject it into your breasts. We will go over all those options and help you find the best-suited breast enhancement solution during your personal consultation.

Do I need general anesthesia for a breast augmentation?

No. All NuBody Concepts breast augmentations as well as tummy tucks are performed under IV Sedation and local anesthesia. This has the benefit of a much faster recovery, lower cost of the procedure, and less of the risks associated with general anesthesia. If you choose a breast enhancement with NuBody Fat Transfer procedure, you need even less sedation.

How long is the recovery period after a breast augmentation?

Since we don’t use general anesthesia for your breast augmentation, your recovery time is reduced from 2 weeks to approximately 3-5 days. It is even shorter if you elect to have a Fat
Transfer for Breast procedure, which has the same recovery time as NuBody Liposuction, about 24 to 48 hours.

Will a breast augmentation be too expensive for me?

The cost of your breast surgery will depend on different factors such as body type and which option you choose, but remember that by offering an alternative to general anesthesia, we’ve removed a major cost item in plastic surgery. After you’ve met with our surgeon and medical consultant for your personal consultation, we will be able to quote you a price for your procedure. Many of our patients use one of our financing partners for additional credit.

Are breast implants safe?

We offer many options for a breast augmentation—from various choices of implant types to using your own body’s resources for a more natural approach. We closely monitor the latest developments to offer our patients new implant options while making sure they are safe and tested. All our implants are manufactured in the United States. To learn more about our implants, visit our supplier website.

Do you offer saline implants?

Yes. While silicone implants are more common, we do offer saline implants as an alternative. Some of our patients select saline implants because they are a more affordable option and can be inserted through a smaller incision around the areola/nipple.

How does a NuBody Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement work?

With a natural breast enhancement, there is no need for traditional surgery or implants. Using our Fat Transfer procedure, intact fat cells are gently flushed from the body in targeted areas using our liposuction Body Jet and then immediately injected into selected areas of the breast. You have the double benefit of losing fat in areas of your body where you don’t want it and enhancing your breast size and shape.

Can I have a NuBody Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement if I already have breast implants?

Yes.Our NuBody Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement may be used in addition to implants or at a later time to correct irregularities, correct asymmetry, and smooth out visible edges around implants. If you’ve had surgery with implants in the past and aren’t happy with the outcome, make an appointment at NuBody Concepts to discuss how Fat Transfer can help improve your breast contour and volume.

Is a breast augmentation the same as a Mommy Makeover?

No. A Mommy Makeover is a breast augmentation in addition to a tummy tuck. See our Mommy Makeover FAQ page for more information.