Soften Facial Wrinkles and Acne Scarring with a NuBody Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is a treatment to improve the tone and texture of your skin. It is particularly effective for softening fine wrinkles and acne scarring in your face, but also addresses uneven pigmentation, scars, and skin tone and texture issues. The microneedling device used by your aesthetician contains tiny sterile needles that puncture the dermal layer to stimulate the growth of collagen. This enhances the skin’s natural healing process to deliver smoother and younger-looking skin.

Advantages of Microneedling

Woman receiving microneedling treatment in her face | NuBlody Concepts Germantown Since there is no heat applied during microneedling, it is safe for all skin types and has a fast recovery time.  Patients also describe it as a comfortable procedure. 

Laser treatments and peels are great ways to rejuvenate the skin, but they can lead to hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, or burning for certain skin types. If you have a darker skin tone, you might benefit from microneedling, where none of this applies. Treatments can safely be performed even on patients who have had recent, mild sun exposure.

Your Microneedling Session at NuBody Concepts

Patients compare the sensation of microneedling to the feel of sandpaper rather than needles. You can expect pink and slightly puffy skin for one or two days after the procedure, depending on the depth of treatment, and you will notice results after one to two weeks. Your treatment can be safely repeated once a month, with the best results achieved after a minimum of three monthly treatments. While the most common use of microneedling is the treatment of acne scars and fine wrinkles in the face, it can also be applied to other areas of your body, particularly those with stretch marks.