Why Laser Hair Removal?

Most patients who have undergone laser hair removal have two reactions: 1) It was so much easier than I thought, and 2) I should have done this years earlier.

The reason why Laser Hair Removal makes everyone who’s had it – both women and men – so happy is simple. It works. It permanently removes unwanted body hair, and the investment of time is entirely worth it.

If the thought of saving precious time on a daily basis by no longer having to shave appeals to you, contact us to inquire about pricing and to set up your first laser hair removal session.


Laser Hair Removal Areas

If you’ve never had any area of your body treated with a laser, you might want to start with a small area like your bikini or armpits first and see how you like it. In our experience, once a patient has had one area done, he or she will soon return for more.

Both women and men can benefit from laser hair removal. To learn more about the most popular areas of laser hair removal for men, visit our NuBody Concepts For Men page. For when, the most popular laser hair removal areas are:


Armpits are arguably the fastest to shave, but they are also the areas where you most easily miss a few hairs that are hard to reach or that you simply can’t see. To feel uninhibited when doing sports or other activities, we want to be sure that we got every single armpit hair with our daily shave. Armpits are among the most popular laser hair removal areas precisely because it takes no time to laser them, and the benefits are clear.

Bikini Area

Just like the armpits, the bikini area is so small that it takes no time to laser, and the potential benefits far outweigh the time investment. It’s another one of those areas where unwanted hair is hard to spot on your own, and isn’t straightforward to shave. Who hasn’t discovered to their dismay that stray hairs were poking out from our bathing suit while we tanned and didn’t realize what could be seen? Whether you want a full Brazilian or leave a trimmed area of pubic hair, laser hair removal does the same job as a good bikini wax – except that after just a few sessions it’s permanent. It also takes very little time and can be done any time of year.


The legs are in many ways the easiest area to shave on a daily basis, but their sheer surface area makes permanent hair removal attractive. Just think how you could eliminate all that shaving as well as the pesky stubble when you skip a day or two. Just make sure to limit sun exposure for several days before and after your session. Too much sun exposure or darker skin can cause burning, which results in hypo-pigmentation. The safest option for laser hair removal on your legs is to have it during the winter months, or to cover up your legs. You best contact your plastic surgeon for specific instructions on sun exposure and/or use of sunscreen.

Other Areas for Laser hair Removal

Women with heavy or darker hair growth sometimes opt for laser hair removal on their arms. Another popular area, especially if you have dark hair, is the upper lip. The nice thing about laser hair removal is that unlike shaving it also eliminates the dark roots  of the hair so that your skin becomes completely clear. Other, more obscure but nevertheless routine areas are nipples, buttocks,  And while you’re having your legs or arms done, don’t forget the fingers and toes!

What to Expect during your Laser Hair Removal Session

Laser Hair Removal by NuBody Concepts - Get the smooth legs you have always wanted.At NuBody Concepts, we have skilled nurses and aestheticians who use their extensive experience to ensure that your hair removal experience is as pleasant as possible. Once you have picked your laser hair removal area and come in for your treatment, you simply lie down on one of our comfortable beds in a private treatment room and close your eyes. Each session lasts about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of your area. You will feel slight discomfort as the wand zaps each hair follicle. Our equipment operates with a cooling air stream pushed out at the same time, which helps relieve any pain you might experience.

Since hair removal requires such a small time commitment, many women combine with with other aesthetics treatments while already there. BOTOX injections and/or Juvederm fillers are both popular options to combine with hair removal. Altogether, you will likely need around 6-8 sessions for permanent removal, depending on your type of skin. Six sessions are generally sufficient to complete your treatment, however you may need a follow-up after the first year to eliminate the last unwanted stragglers.