Hair Removal

Safe and Permanent Hair Removal

Are you tired of having to shave and wax your unwanted body hair—only to have it grow back within a couple of days each time? You’re spending time each day to get rid of hair on your arms, legs, face, armpits, or bikini area. While you may be able to live with that, the frequent shaving can lead to uncomfortable and serious issues like razor burn, cysts, and ingrown hairs. Thanks to modern technology, like laser hair removal, you can get rid of your excess and unwanted body hair through permanent hair removal. It’s time to say goodbye to tedious and painful waxing and shaving once and for all.

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How Laser Hair Removal Works

The surgeons at NuBody Concepts are experienced with laser hair removal services for both women and men. We have perfected the method in order to allow you to remove your embarrassing or unwanted hair in a quick, comfortable, and safe way. Our experts use FDA-approved lasers to permanently eliminate your unwanted hair. We use a specialized laser wand to eliminate each unwanted hair at the follicle level. You’ll be permanently hair free after approximately 6 sessions. However, the exact number of sessions will depend on your skin condition, the location of the hair, and your genetics.

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What to Expect from Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments in order to permanently remove all of the hair you want gone. The exact number of sessions will depend on your dietary habits, age, skin condition, height, and the location of the hair. During each session, we will progressively remove more hair until it’s all gone. You should be able to notice the biggest effect after around the second or third treatment. Contact NuBody Concepts to learn more about hair removal and to schedule your comprehensive skin evaluation.