Plastic Surgery in Columbia and Best Liposuction in Tennessee

Side view of Aqualipo patient before and after procedure at NuBody ConceptsIf you’re looking for plastic surgery in Columbia, visit NuBody Concepts. We were the first to bring Aqualipo®, the gentler liposuction with less downtime, to Tennessee. It’s a superior way to eliminate unwanted fat from your body and tighten your skin.

Aqualipo can be applied to any area of your body that has unsightly pockets of fat, even if they don’t seem a likely target for liposuction. We’ve helped patients with pesky culprits like love handles, bra bulges, saddle bags, double chins, and inner thighs.  With NuBody Fat Transfer, we can even inject the extra fat into your buttocks, hands, or breasts to increase volume and sharpen contours. Contact us for a personal consultation to learn how we can help you regain your self-confidence and look your best.

Make Your Stomach Flat With A Tummy Tuck

If you lost a significant amount weight and notice stubborn areas of fat or extra skin that just won’t go away, an abdominoplasty, commonly called a Tummy Tuck, is the ideal solution for you. A Tummy Tuck yields fabulous results and doesn’t require any general anesthesia, meaning you’ll experience a more comfortable and faster recovery. It’s a perfect choice for men or women in are in good physical shape who aren’t happy with excess skin or fat around the midriff. If you are looking for a tummy tuck or other plastic surgery in Columbia, give NuBody Concepts a call.

Picture of woman's abdomen before and after tummy tuck at NuBody Concepts

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