Regain a Smooth Body With One Simple Treatment

If you’re frustrated with cellulite, the dimpled, uneven skin most often found on your thighs, you’re not alone. Almost all women are affected by it and struggle to get rid of it. Diet, exercise, lotions, massages – the list of methods yielding only limited or temporary results is long.The reason for this is simple: fat isn’t the biggest problem. While weight loss helps to soften the appearance of cellulite, it doesn’t eliminate it completely. In fact, a crash diet could make it even worse.

The real culprit behind cellulite is the structure of your skin, something that’s completely outside of your control. Until now. With Cellulaze, our physicians can attack the structure of cellulite in one simple treatment for lasting results.

How Cellulaze Works

Cellulaze-page-content-2-400x300 CellulazeTo understand how Cellulaze works, let’s first look at where cellulite comes from.

As your body ages and undergoes hormonal or weight changes, the connective tissue under your skin can stiffen and lead to an increase in the size of the fat cells. This pushes them up towards the surface and gives your skin that uneven, orange peel appearance we all wish we could eliminate. The frustrating part is that this development, often setting in after puberty, is beyond your control. You may simply have thin skin, which makes cellulite worse. And no matter how much you go to the gym or starve yourself, it likely has no effect.

Instead of focusing on the surface of your skin, Cellulaze treats the structural problems underneath that cause cellulite. In one minimally-invasive procedure, your physician uses laser-assisted technology to strategically target the fibrous bands beneath the skin. This smooths out those dreaded dimples while also thickening the skin and adding elasticity. Give us a call today to find out how this new anti-cellulite treatment can increase your skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, healthier look!

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What to Expect From Your Cellulaze Procedure

The reason why Cellulaze has become one of the hottest new treatments is that it delivers lasting results, with only one single treatment.

On the day of your procedure, your physician will begin by marking the areas to be treated and then proceed with the Cellulaze treatment by inserting a small laser fiber under your skin. Using this fiber, he or she will level out bumps of fat and bring up the dimples by releasing the bands pulling down on the skin. This will also stimulate collagen production to increase elasticity and give your skin a smoother look. Your procedure typically lasts one to one and half hours.

After your procedure, you will be able to go back to your normal activities after one to two days. You are advised to lay off strenuous exercise for one to two weeks. Your results will improve over the next three months to a year, both in terms of the flattening of dimples and bumps and thicker, more elastic skin.

Great Procedure to Combine With Cellulaze

NuBody Liposuction

Cellulaze-page-content-related-procedure-400x300 CellulazeNuBody Liposuction is a customized procedure to remove unwanted fat from your body. It can be applied to any area, such as tummy, thighs, love handles, bra bulges, arms, and more. Many patients combine their anti-cellulite treatment with liposuction for added convenience and cost savings. Ask as for special pricing during your consultation if you’re interested in combining the two procedures.