Shape and Contour Your Body with NuBody Fat Transfer

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could move some of this extra fat from my thigh, where I don’t want it, to my breasts, which could use a little more fullness?”

Natural Fat Transfer is the answer. We use this technique at NuBody Concepts to harvest fat cells from certain areas of your body and inject them into other areas. In this way you can have liposuction plus a natural breast augmentation or facial fillers. It is a completely safe and effective way to shape and contour your body.

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Benefits of NuBody Fat Transfer

Techniques for Natural Fat Transfer vary among plastic surgeons. At NuBody Concepts, we have refined our procedure to maximize fat survival.

Here are your advantages with a NuBody Fat Transfer:

white number in blue circleLower cost than implants

white number in blue circleNo risk of negative reaction by your body, natural results

white number in blue circleDouble bonus of losing fat in one place to improve curves in another

white number in blue circleNo general anesthesia necessary

white number in blue circleMinimal downtime

** Fat transfer is also used by some surgeons to enhance the shape of your buttocks in a so-called Brazilian Butt Lift. At NuBody Concepts, we believe that the Brazilian Butt Lift is not the most effective body contouring solution. While fat transfer is a great technique, we do not perform it for injections in the buttocks. However, using Aqualipo on the thighs and abdomen, our surgeons achieve beautiful contours without the need for injections. **

What to Expect from Your Fat Transfer Procedure

To harvest the fat needed for injection, we use Aqualipo®, the gentlest and least stressful body contouring method to dislodge fat. Once the liposuction phase is complete, we then inject the fat into the target area through a closed system, which ensures that the cells don’t separate and are not contaminated by ambient air.

Our fat transfer procedure is a completely safe and natural way to add fullness and enhance your curves. It allows you to transfer fat from where you don’t want it to areas of your body that you’d like to add volume for a more aesthetic figure.

Where is Fat Transfer Most Effective?

Before and after images of woman after fat transfer facial filler treatment at NuBody Concepts

*Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed*

The face is one of the areas where the injection of fat can have the most dramatic effect, as it is able to fill in fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful look. It can also be used on other areas of your body, such as your breasts or hands.

Questions about Fat Transfer?

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Fat Transfer is a popular procedure because it uses a completely natural filler – your own fat. When filling in deep lines in your face or on the back of your hands, your own fat acts in a similar way as a synthetic filler such as Juvederm. And when enhancing the size of your breasts, your fat can be used instead of an implant.

If you have any additional questions about areas for fat injection and the procedure itself, visit the respective FAQ page.