New Breasts Starting at $99/Month

With the NuBody financing plan, you can pay off your breast augmentation in monthly installments rather than paying upfront. We partner with Alphaeon Credit to offer financing plans starting at $99/month for saline breast implants and $149/month for silicone breast implants*. All breast augmentations are performed at our plastic surgery center in Brentwood, Tennessee. No general anesthesia is necessary.

You have two ways to get started: Either fill out the form to submit your information and we will contact you to schedule a personal no-obligation consultation. Or just give us a call at one of our locations, and and our front desk will find an appointment for you. During your consultation, you will meet with our plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure. At the same appointment, we will also process the paperwork for your credit application.

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How to Price Your Breast Augmentation

To get an exact quote for a NuBody Breast Augmentation, you will need to schedule a personal consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

Our starting prices for breast augmentations are $4,500 for saline implants. Other types of implants such as silicone and gummy bear implants will have a higher base price. Please note that the price we quote is all-inclusive without any added fees. It includes all taxes, fees, follow-up appointments, and anesthesia.

To qualify for financing, we can help you apply during your consultation, which takes less than 5 minutes. The banks we work with have specific criteria for credit approval similar to applying for a credit card. You will know immediately if you are approved or not.

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Your Choice of Breast Implant

When it comes to breast implants, you have choices. How does each of them score in terms of safety, look, and feel, and which ones do we recommend?Hand in surgical glove holding up a breast implant | NuBody Concepts breast augmentation

Broadly, you have a choice between saline or silicone implants. The latest trend are Gummy Bear implants, a special form of silicone implants. All are perfectly safe and FDA-approved. The difference comes down to how they feel and look. Some women – and surgeons – prefer the feel of silicone. But saline implants are easier to insert and replace, and they are generally less expensive than silicone implants.

Ultimately, the choice of breast implant is entirely yours to make. Our board-certified plastic surgeon is happy to discuss these choices with you and help you make the best decision for you during a personal consultation.

*Subject to credit approval and availability. Purchase must be made using the Alphaeon Credit Card Account. Alphaeon Credit Card Accounts are offered by Comenity Capital Bank which determines qualifications for credit and promotion eligibility. Account must be in good standing at the time of purchase. At no time will the minimum payment due be less than $27.00. Minimum interest charge is $2.00 per credit plan. Fixed APR 14.90%.  Standard variable APR of 28.99%, based on the Prime Rate, for all late balances. Comenity Capital Bank issues Alphaeon Credit Card Accounts which can be used with NuBody Concepts.