Fat Transfer

Shape Your Body with Our Innovative Fat Transfer Procedure

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to control where your body stores its fat—and how much of it you have? Well, now you can! Through the NaturalFill® fat transfer procedure, we can safely and effectively take fat from an unwanted part of your body and transfer it to another part that could benefit from a little more fullness. Our fat transfer procedure is a gentle and minimally-invasive way for men and women to shape and contour their bodies to their liking. Whether you want to add some shape to your breasts or buttocks or fill in lines and wrinkles in your hands or face, NaturalFill fat transfer is the answer.

What to Expect from a NaturalFill® Fat Transfer

From surgeon to surgeon, you’ll find many different fat transfer techniques—which can alter your results significantly. The plastic surgeons at NuBody Concepts have perfected the NaturalFill technique to ensure the purest quality of fat for the most successful and comfortable experience. We use the gentle Aqualipo® method to remove the fat from the unwanted area and then inject it into the area of your choice through a closed system, which prevents the cells from being contaminated by ambient air. Our fat transfer procedure is a natural and safe way to achieve the look you want. The procedure is quick and comfortable with minimal downtime!

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About the NuBody Concepts Plastic Surgery Team

The NuBody Concepts team wants to help you look and feel great. Through our innovative and minimally-invasive plastic surgery procedures like Aqualipo and NaturalFill, we can help you sculpt your dream body. Over our years of experience creating beautiful, personalized results for men and women of all ages, we have become one of the top treatment centers for Aqualipo and other plastic surgery procedures in the country. Schedule a personal consultation with us to learn more about how we can help you love your body again.