Breast Implant Removal Made Easy

Should you decide you are no longer happy with your implants, we can perform breast implant removal surgery  – also called explantation – to help you achieve your desired look. Your recovery after breast implant removal is similar to the recovery after breast augmentation, although the procedure itself will likely be shorter.

Breast Implant Revision vs Breast Implant Removal

If you’ve had your implants for a long time, going back to natural breasts may be difficult because you will have too much loose skin. Therefore, some women undergoing breast implant removal opt to change out their implants for new ones in a breast implant revision surgery.

There might be a number of reasons why you want or need to undergo breast implant revision surgery. Whether you go larger or smaller, or switch between silicone and saline, choosing the right breast implants might be the most difficult part of your breast augmentation. You want to make sure that you are happy with their size and shape of the implants, and that the results look aesthetically pleasing.

Will My Breasts Return to Their Pre-Augmentation Condition?

A big concern for women undergoing breast implant removal surgery is whether their breasts will return to their pre-augmentation condition. Depending on the size of your implants, your skin may have had to stretch quite a bit to accommodate the expansion. Will there be stretched out skin and deformity after the implants are removed?

The good news is that our skin is remarkably flexible. Much like your abdominal skin shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy state after childbirth, the skin of your breasts typically shrinks back to its pre-augmentation state after implant removal. How well it adjusts depends on factors such as the size of the implants that were removed, how long you’ve had the implants, and your age.


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Additional Breast Implant Removal Options

Removal With Breast Lift

The younger you are at the time of removal, the more likely it is that your breasts will look very similar to their pre-augmentation shape. However, you might have gained weight, in which case you might be a larger size even after removal. Or if your skin does indeed show signs of stretching and sagging, you may want to combine the breast implant removal with a breast lift. This may involve removing excess skin and tightening the press tissue.

Breast Deflation

Lastly, there is another way to reverse a breast augmentation. If you have saline implants and are no longer happy with the large size of your breasts, your surgeon may be able to deflate the bags containing the saline without the need for surgery. Your body then absorbs the saline and the bags can stay in place.

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