Boost Your Confidence with a Breast Enhancement Procedure

If you’re unhappy with any part of your appearance, it can affect your self-confidence—and, by extension, your quality of life. At NuBody Concepts, we help our patients achieve outer beauty that reflects what’s within.

With many years of experience performing breast enhancement procedures in Nashville and Memphis, our board-certified plastic surgeons can help you gain confidence in your appearance. Our experienced plastic surgery team ensures patient comfort throughout the procedure, a fast recovery, and superior breast enhancement results.

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Types of Breast Enhancement

The most commonly performed type of breast enhancement is a breast augmentation with implants. Breast implants allow you to increase the size of your breasts, create more fullness, or even out any differences in size. They come in many different sizes and shapes.

However, implants are not your only option for breast surgery. We can also shape and lift your breasts through a breast lift without implants, reduce the size of large breasts with a breast reduction, or even remove breast tissue in a male breast reduction procedure.

As an alternative to implants, our fat transfer for breast procedure may be a solution. Fat transfer means we use Aqualipo® body contouring  – typically around your midsection or thighs – to transfer the harvested fat into your breasts to enlarge them naturally.

Enhance Your Breasts with NuBody Fat Transfer

Our NuBody Fat Transfer for Breast is a natural alternative to a breast enhancement with implants or a breast lift. It is a two-step procedure in which your own body fat is first harvested from an area where you want to lose volume, such as your waistline, and then injected into your breasts.  With this unique body contouring method perfected by our physicians over the years, we can safely and effectively sculpt your body exactly how you want it.

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